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Compomotive/other wheels on Clio 16-Valve

Just been looking around for some new wheels for my baby! My anthracite 16x7" Motorsport wheels are of 1998 vintage now and are a bit worse for wear - couple of buckles, so not just a re-spray job!

The criteria for new wheels is that theyve got to be 16" (so I can fit my old tyres, being the skinflint student I am!!), anthracite/black/dark grey in colour and be motorsport/rally style.

Prima advertise Williams replicas in anthracite, but Ive read somewhere on the forum that theyve stopped. Is this true?

I also fancy the real rally look with a set of Compomotives (a la Lancia Delta Integrale) - but I need them to be black or silver, not white! Do they do them in any other colour apart from white?? ...and, most importantly, do they come in a Clio 16v offset?

Come to think of it, what is the offset/PCD for the Clio 16v???

Help/comments much appreciated!!!:D
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Think the 16v offset is 36.

And I sent prima an e-mail about the wheels and they said they were no longer avaliable. But best to give them a ring just to make sure.
  TT 225

Ben, I was flicking through a copy of the 2001 Demon Tweeks catalogue who stock the Speedline wheels (as per the Willy).

Give them a call, even if you get the silver or gold, you can have them resprayed in anthracite for £25 a wheel :D

Come on now Ben!! You and i both know that 17" Gunmetal Superlezzas are the way forward for black 16vs!!

Or... go for some Speedlines! Very awesome rally/motorsport stylee - and they do Renault fitments!! :D

May not do them in the colours you want but you can always get them sprayed...

Or... try and find a set of the speedline silver willy replicas in 16", there are some floating around and they look superb!

Hmm...I think Glenn that you mean that if I got 17" Superleggaras that Id be a copy cat...but then I was the first with dark wheels in the first place!;)

Im really keen on the Speedlines like on the Willy - I hear that silver ones were optional on the 16v as early as 1991. The Willy copied the 16v!!