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CSF19 CSF19 Raffle Prizes


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This years Raffle prizes are starting to arrive...

Last year saw us raise £1107 for The Guide Dogs via the raffle and £121 via donations and merchandise on their own stand. This year we are raising money for Mind as chosen by the members. The local Scunthorpe Mind will be in attendance at the event so please remember to stop by and say hello.

Raffle tickets will be available in the CS marquee all day and I usually do a walk around with tickets at approx. 4pm. The raffle will be called at 5.30pm on Saturday following a short talk from a representative for the charity. Cost of raffle tickets are as always £1 each.

We are really keen to mention that prizes shouldn't be sold on after the raffle.. if it is something you cannot use please contact the person who donated it first to discuss passing this on to someone else. Or if a prize is drawn that you 100% know is not any use to you.. there is the option to let us re draw and you can put your ticket back into the box for another go.

If anyone can help out with donations please drop me a PM. Thanks :)

Full List Of Prizes Are As Follows:

  • MICROSOFT Xbox One S, Forza Horizon 4, Apex Legends, Project Cars 2 & Tekken 7 Bundle - Donated by
  • 3 x Renault Sport Jackets (Sizes to be chosen and jackets dispatched after the day) - Donated By Luke
  • The Sub home draft machine with 4 kegs - Donated by
  • 3 x merchandise Kits - Donated by
  • 5 x Mini Auto Finesse Car Detailing Kits - Donated by
  • Bottle of Prosecco and a box of chocs - Donated by
  • 1 x Heather Grey Echo Dot - Donated by
  • 1 x Charcoal Echo Dot - Donated by
  • DAS-6 v2 polisher - Donated by Clean Your Car -
  • Fevertree Whiskey gift set - @Rowan - Mortgage Expert
  • Brewdog glass gift set - @Rowan - Mortgage Expert
  • Barrel tap world lager gift set - @Rowan - Mortgage Expert
  • Highland park 12 year old whiskey - @Rowan - Mortgage Expert
  • London afternoon tea for two with bus tour - B-Bakery -
  • 1 x Snappy Steering Wheel Refurb For 172/182 (Non Transferable.. not to be sold on) - Donated by @snappy
  • 2 x French Car Magazine Subscriptions - Donated by Mark Dow
  • Mini detailing kit - Donated by DoDo Juice -
  • 52 Piece Aluminium Tool Kit - Donated by Adrian Flux Insurance -
  • The complete aftercare detailing kit - Donated by Supagard -
  • Complete Detailing Kit - Donated by AutoGlanz LTD -
  • 3 chocolate selections boxes - Luke and Lucy
  • A Set of front Winmax W5 Trackday / Race Pads - Donated by @Kev@KAM
  • A giant 4.5KG Toblerone and 4 tickets to Cadbury World - Donated by David Sibley at Turbo Renault
  • Carplan Demon Car cleaning kit - Donated by Tetrosyl -
  • Autobrite Car Shampoo and Gtechniq Drying towel - Donated by Roll up and shine -
  • Pepe Red Bull Racing shirt, Baseball cap and a £50 Gift card to use at Puremotorsport - Donated by @pure-motorsport
  • CarPro maintenance bag including 16 product samplers - Donated by Craig at CarPro
  • Halfords Advanced 90 Piece Socket Set and 15 £9 Vouchers for Vcheck - Donated by @Arnie at
  • £25 to spends at The Detailing Booth - Donated by The detailing Booth
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Whoever wins the Keg prize has to crack it open on the Saturday night right?
  21T, 9T, 172, V6
How is that Toblerone even legal?
Not sure it is tbh, we did do a 5kg Cadbury Dairy Milk too but not any more - shame as I never got hold of one.

02.jpg 01.jpg

(thats not me btw, some weirdo off google images!)

From memory, one piece is something daft like 2000calories. Impossible to do in one sitting :LOL:
I reckon I could step up, I fuckin love Toblerone and after 14 years of working here i'm pretty good at piling it back LOL

I need that Toblerone. NEED it. :)
If you want one send me a PM, but be ready to part with some serious readies, this aint no £3.99 father day special at tesco...

(again, not me i'm much better looking, this is a mate I got one for, he's never eaten Toblerone again since!)




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A Set of front Winmax W5 Trackday / Race Pads - Donated by @Kev@KAM at Kamracing

The Winmax W5 is a balanced brake pad for trackday and circuit racing, The compound gives consistant braking across the temperature range with excellent braking modulation. This allows the driver to make minor braking corrections without upsetting the cars balance. Winmax W5 also gives low brake pad and brake disc wear with more bite and pedal feel than Ferodo DS1.11 and less pad wear too!

The winner of this raffle price will win a set of Winmax W5 front brake pads for their car. This can be another car model other than a Renault.



Trader Coordinator
  Clio 182 Trophy
£25 to spends at The Detailing Booth - Donated by The detailing Booth

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