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CSS'14 peoples opinions and experience


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I didn't attend but echo the comments that there needs to be something there on the side to offer a distraction. That was my main reason for non attendance (that and the fact I can't be arsed driving long distances anymore).

Id love it to be at a track but acknowledge there are cost implications but for a once in a year deal it must be worth pushing the boat out.

Maybe price up a track day event next year and see if people would be willing to pay through a vote or something?
Read the trip advisor reviews ;)

But, yes I agree they aren't accountable for the fight breaking out. But it was well handled by our resident copper :)

As a positive, the segways are cool.
Ahh, were you the guy with the recaro pram? Didn't get to talk but my gf was pointing it out lol.
Yes that was me lol. I was going for best pram of the show but they forgot that award this year, up all night detailing it too :(

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What about the lot who turned up the night before in the Galaxy? Then came back pissed later and drove it away?

The event really should be for Cliosport only, the fact it was in the middle of a very busy public site was a huge let down. It appears it's very well known that the site is rough, so it's a shame it was chosen.

Please note, I do appreciate the efforts that went in to organising and setting it up, the actual Cliosport area and activities looked very good.

Next year a big rethink on date and location is needed.


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I bought two tickets quite a while back, for me and my girlfriend to attend. Decided not to go though. Reviews on the site weren't good, and reports from the night before (pikeys) turned me off.

Can an admin confirm if they're going to be asking for a partial refund on the event from billing?

I also think a track orientated day would be great.
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I didn't attend due to the long drive it would have taken me to get there, but I just wanted to say that I would happily make the trip if there was some track action. Not exclusively a track day, but stands/food/music/dent man(cracking idea that) with going on track as an additional feature.


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Plenty of time for chatting etc. And the added bonus of being able to offer other members, passenger laps. ;)
Didn't it always come down to cost? I've no idea what it cost but I remember admin mentioning cost before.


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So this thread is about this years event.

Whilst its fresh in people minds I think someone should start a "CSS15 What Do You Want" thread.
My Experience:

Traveled from the South West (somerset) for around 8 hours due to the bank holiday traffic. Arrived at around 10pm to the campsite with the security chap being absolutely clueless about out parties booking. Set up the tent and had a chat with a few fellow campers which was nice. Went to bed around 1am but managed a poxy 3 hours sleep due to the noise such as loud music. I know it's a campsite but you'd think there'd be some sort of restriction on loud noise at 3am in the morning.

We woke up and were asked to move our tent by one of the admins as it was going to be in the way of the show which was fair enough but when the show was set up and the cars parked it was not in the way at all. The facilities were appalling, the so called 'Indian Restaurant' looked like a Poundland Sign nailed to the side of a shed and the toilets were filthy.

The show itself was poor I think personally. As mentioned above with the non-members walking around and the gypsy problem you didn't know who were members and who weren't. This affected the social side of it and a suggestion of maybe name badges or something similar for next time so people know who' who? The activities were okay if you were attending a 12 year olds birthday party. The admins were quite unfriendly with on RonDaveRon saying hello.

By around 1pm I'd had enough so left for the 5 hour journey home missing the 'fight' but the traveler presence was quite intimidating considering if damage had been done to car i doubt they'd have paid for it. I was suppposed to camp the Saturday night as well but it was such a hole I decided to leave early.

To conclude it was a poor event, poor location and poor numbers if I'm honest. The admins may say it was out of there control but a bit of research and they would have known that the reviews said gypsies were allowed on site. Whoevers idea it was to have it in the middle of a campsite let alone that one needs to have a think about a private venue next year with something more than a few clios parked on a bit grass in the middle of a bunch of gypsies.

For the money and time I spent this weekend it has definitely put me off coming next year unless some serious changes are made.


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For me the day was good but not as good as Gaydon. I felt like once you'd done the laser quest, driving and segways there wasn't a lot else to do.

There needs to be an activity that forces you to get involved with other members. I ended up spending all day with people I already knew and their friends. Tried to talk to a few people but it can be like pulling teeth sometimes so just gave up.

Also name badges were needed like at gaydon. It makes it less awkward approaching someone you talk to on CS but have no idea what they look like.

Maybe a group activity would have been good where the teams were chosen at random to mix people up?

Weed being smoked. It was quite blatant who it was, wandering around with a joint in his hand. Followed by the pungent smell of it. This was around children aswell.
Didn't spot that! Disgusting. I tried to avoid children when smoking, and I try and stand down wind when I'm stood in a group of people if I'm smoking (not weed I might add).
I hate to think that the people who were smoking weed then got into their cars an drove home. Nonetheless that's not my concern, but the smell was and them blatantly walking around quite publicly. I'm not against them doing this in their free/down time but in front of people who perhaps don't like it and children etc was off putting for me. Overall I did enjoy my day, also coming up from Somerset after working until 5. I made the choice not to camp after reading reviews but also knowing I would be midway through my pregnancy, helped my stay. I had some lovely chats with members I never met before and those I hadn't seen in a while.

Ron it was really nice to see you again, and quickly chat. Understandably you were all knackered as were many. I didn't like that Nik didn't even say Hi, you ok? To Dan who's a paying trader or to anyone else... Even putting a hand up to acknowledge his guests would be a nice touch.


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I have never attended a css event as they are always too far to travel. I agree that planning for 2015 and letting everyone have a say would be more constructive than getting feedback on what went wrong from the few that did attend.
Personally a private event similar to the RS day would be appealing to me.
  A special one.
Name badges would have been great.
I ened up chatting to so many people yesterday to the point that my throat was hurting.

I knew a few people but most I didn't have a clue who you where, sorry.
Dan@SJM and Vickki, great chatting to you both.

Congrats on the baby. X
  RB Clio 182
I am glad i didnt come to this meet tbh, if i would have seen people smoking weed around or near my children, someone would have been nutted!

Absolutely disgusting, have some f**king respect!
  Ph2 172
Plenty of time for chatting etc. And the added bonus of being able to offer other members, passenger laps. ;)
You know anyone at knockhill? I'm sure the scots and northern englanders could get a good turn out there for a CS day.
Name badges would have been great.
I ened up chatting to so many people yesterday to the point that my throat was hurting.

I knew a few people but most I didn't have a clue who you where, sorry.
Dan@SJM and Vickki, great chatting to you both.

Congrats on the baby. X
Likewise mate, was nice to catch up, and especially more to see the car in person now :)
Thanks Phase1sr, it was good to meet you... Rather jealous of your car, in fact very.

name tags for the next one would be good, I even suggested getting plates for the cars so people could marry the car and owner up if they weren't next to it or wondering about.
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You know anyone at knockhill? I'm sure the scots and northern englanders could get a good turn out there for a CS day.
It could certainly be done! It's PFC day next Sunday, could tie it it with that, next year?!

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Turning into a nagging match this is!

My my 2p's worth-
not as great as the last two I've been to, taking into account the last two have been at a location, that supplies a ' break ' from clios galor ( not to be taken as a sarcy comment )
css is a social meet for fellow members , to which this CSS has provide a good catch up.

Food was ok, certainly not bad being included in the package.

Camping for those who stayed wasn't as bad when the pikeys had settled down.


ClioSport Admin
Thanks for everyone's feedback. We are well aware that there were certain issues at this year event and they will be addressed.

We will do everything we can to make next years CSS cater for as many people as possible.

We will certainly be looking at CSS15 having some sort of motorsport aspect to it.

I'm sure you will appreciate that it needs to more than just a simple track day event so we will see what's available.

We will also consult with the organisers of events like OrigineRS and PFC to try and make sure that we don't clash dates next year.

Huge thanks to everyone who made the effort to come this year and especially those who lent a hand packing away and for sorting the marquee after it got wrecked last night!

I liked the idea that you guys tried to do going by the success of the camping at css last year, and trying to make it a more social event. Overall I thought it was a good event for 7 pounds you cannot complain really, I found the admins to be overworked so could probably do with some more volunteers and I found brain and RDR, to be friendly and had conversations with them. we had packed ready to camp but knew if we didnt like it we would go home, which due to the pikeys made it somewhere to stand.
I will say that as members of the club it is up to us all to make the event better for each other in order to improve, but as said allready in the thread, location and entertainment last years was brillant in my opinoin could allways invite traders and such i also feel it would be benificial to send out invites to other clubs such as, ren uk fb group etc.

I would like to say thank you for the efforts that went towards the event by admins and all those that spent time orgainising and helping set up the event for the benefit of us
I will see you all next year.
  Clio 172 turbo
I've just got home after a 5 hour drive. I enjoyed the weekend so thanks to the people who did arrange it. was good to meet some people and have a drink. The only down side as every one has said was the pikeys and then trashing the tent twice after we had cleaned it up. Really enjoyed the camping


ClioSport Admin
We aren't going to be able to please everyone with the location I'm afraid.

If we can manage to secure a venue with track time that also offers us the ability to have the social events ie camping, fun fair etc and it happens to be to far up north or to far down south do we not book it even though it's perfect?

The more specific we want the venue the more it narrows down our options.

Like I say we will endeavour to find the perfect venue that but I'm sure it's pretty obvious that it's going to be a tough ask.