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Cup RR vid and new badge pics

  Nippy white cup
Just done my badges and calipers...wanted something a bit different on the badges so went for something to match the wheels. Might not be everyones cup (no pun intended) of tea but at least its different. :)


Also a small vid from the chipwizards RR (just sound as it`s a vid off my phone )

  Nippy white cup
Lol cheers guys. TBH I need to do the badges again...the yellow is a right mess close up so I`ll scrape it off and do the yellow writing properly

  1.6 16v without an engine
you should have done the 2.0 16v in yellow to match the calipers:rasp:

(the writing, not the whole badge)


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
black wheels and yellow calipers.... good choice my man!! people have the same combo :p
  Nippy white cup
Thanks all......need to give the car a good clean and get some proper pics now....if it ever stops raining lol

iirc Chris has decat, zorst, inlets, viper and ChipWizards remap.

Was a fast fucker anyway - i would be surprised if Chris' Cup wasn't above 170 standard.....
  BMW 330d :)
Thats not a bad gain for not a huge amount of cash.... Im now stuck on whether to change cars for something rwd or mod my soon out of warranty cup... hmmm....
  Nippy white cup
I think the main mod has been the 182 mani. I got 182bhp without the remap on the same rollers the same day. Lifted the BMC up slightly (as I have no airfeed) and it went to 186...but midrange it added 12 bhp!