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Coming home from the my local ale shop last night i decided to take the long way home as it involves a nice quiet 2 mile stretch of bypass (the same one i tw*tted a pheasant on on Monday) So off i pop up the sliproad tanking it. Then in my rear view i see a set of low slung headlights giving it some behind me. i carried on in the outside lane passing cars getting up to 120 - This thing behind me is so close i cant see his headlights. Theres me thinking its an MR2 or TT or summit, but at 120+ the road ahead is more important especialy after Monday. so i move over foot still planted. and this thing eases past & away probably up to 140 + me inits wake. Then we were both on the anchors as the bypass comes to an end as joins the main road..... How much of a weener do i feel as i look accross to the guy next to me at the junction. He just smiles gives the thumbs up and pootles off right - me off left. Well it was only a 52 plate Ferrari 360... (probably had his handbrake on) Ah well there are just some cars that you dont mess with....!!

is that the handforth bypass seedy old chap?

Last time I was on there there was about a million c*nting speed cameras

it is indeed Dan but on the Bramhall to Handforth bit. Theres no cash cameras.. just got to watch 4 the odd unmarked porkmobile!!

A boxter? Ive raced a Boxter S of the lights and its even stephen! A standard boxter would get wasted by the cup..............they aint quick!

UM, working for Renault and Porsche i get to use the Porsches ad the Boxster @, although underpowered has more poke than a 172 and cup and will out handle it by miles.

There is hot hatch grip, then there is proper sportscar grip.