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Cup Turinis or 182 Cup Wheels?


  LY 182 FF
I've been offered a swap for my mint turini's with Yoko's all round, for some 182 Cup wheels plus £100.
Is this a good deal?
Does anyone have any pictures of a silver ph1 with 182 wheels on? I've tried looking but I cant find any on here!
Wouldn't mind seeing what they look like, as I really like them on the ph2's.


  LY 182 FF
Would that be because of price difference or personal preference tho? Don't get me wrong I love my Turini's, but as I said I haven't seen too many ph1's with the 182 wheels on so if it wasn't going to leave me down on value I wouldn't of minded giving it a go.
Personal preference, potentially price. If they're mint you won't find a set with (good) tyres under £350-400 (I'd price a mint set with quality tyres & good tread at £450).

As for how much 182 wheels go for, it varies greatly. You can pick up a set from £200-250+ (usually with crap tyres or no tyres at all).

This is from what i've seen anyway, I've currently got 182 wheels and have been looking for Turini's for a couple of months so know the price of Turini's quite well but my 182 wheels are not so knowledgeable!