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Cybox exhaust back box!!! Anyone had one?

  Iceberg 172
As the title says, I'm looking round for an exhaust and was thinking maybe just buying a cybox back box witch is a 3.5 slash cut tip for £125 off ebay and adding a de- cat pipe. The tip looks quite subtle to be fair but was also wondering if I could recess this exhaust into the bumper.. *
P.s it's a stainless steel box
Suggestions appreciated*

Cheers * Sam*
  derv biege barge
Can't comment on Clio fitment but I had one on my saxo vtr. It never sat right and ended up burning the paint on the rear bumper. Sounded good though.
  RS Clio 172
Bumping this old thread instead of making a new one to see if there's any more comments on the subject.

As asked above, when I got my new 172 it came with a Janspeed cat-back system fitted but the tailpipe looks ridiculous (like a canon stuck on the back). So as I'm going over the car tidying it up I really want to change the tailpipe to something like the KTR recessed with 182 surround. I had the KTR system on my old flamer and was impressed with it but as I've already got a cat-back fitted I'm not looking to spend £300+ on another exhaust system, Just want to change the back box.

Found these on ebay whilst searching for random crap and was wondering if it'd do the job just to tidy the look of the exhaust up.

Edit: I'm going to get a few quotes for a custom made back box to see what the prices are like.