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Dangerous Fiesta Turbo driver

I was on the way home to my village this morning when a circa 1993 Fiesta Turbo came up behind me. When the cars ahead cleared, I wellied it to 70mph (the limit), blew away the Fester with its dump valve hissing - and slowed down in good time for the upcoming roundabout.

At the first rounabout, the guy overtook me by going into a lane meant for another turning, and got ahead. No problem, I dont care if he wants to kill himself! I wasnt going to race in this situation!

Then at the second rounabout (which is a big oval), we took separate lanes going around to the same turnoff. We were going at the same speed around the rounabout, but while my 16v was perfectly composed, his Fester Turbo was all over the shop - getting understeer like crazy, when I could have taken the corners at another 15mph extra.

Just for good measure I smoked him again on a straight afterwards

He was just so desperate to get ahead and was being so dangerous His car could have spun out four or five times. I dislike people like this - why risk your life to try and "beat" another car in such a patheric way??

Hi all
I know the last time I put a post up like this I got my arse chewed, unfortunately that was my first post here, but hopefully a few of my other "helpfull" posts will prove Im not just here to stir things.

Reasons for driving "badly", You have a fast car and bump into another fast car at a level which is meant to be better than yours. In your case lets say something like a Scooby or Evo, now you think that with a bit of "imaginative" driving you could level things a bit, and indeed Mr Fiesta DID get past you!

But you are not contented with this and have to "Smoke" him again, and you wonder why he werent happy and give it all he could with what he had.

But it does seem that you are quite happy with this really "I could have gone round the bends 15 MPH quicker" and then come here with what is only another "Kill Story"

On the RSOC B/B you hardly ever get your "kill stories" more general chit chat and people seeking and getting technical advice (The sort of thing your own Captain Slarty gives)

I wouldnt say that I came here to brag about beating this car with a "kill story". As the title indicates, I was a bit scared of a dangerous driver.

What I ommited to say was that he passed me due to the fact I was behind another car at the first roundabout. He was clearly driving at 11/10ths of the handling that the car had - and outside of what we would consider to be the boundaries of safety

I agree completely with what youre saying though. When I said that I could have gone around at plus 15mph, I was in truth just emphasising the point about the handling. Yes - that would be at the limits of my handling (and I have some dodgy ARB mounts to fix this weekend!). But the crucial difference is that if I were in a similar situation with an Evo or old Scoob (or Cossie for that matter), I would not get to that point (not off the track anyway). I dont race like that - on my weaknesses!!

If I came up against a car that was clearly superior in stright line speed and hadling, and I lost (without going to the limits of real danger to try and beat the car) - then I would just give a polite flash/wave and pull back.

Yes - I passed the Fiesta Turbo again, though as most people who know my driving style will know that I do my "smoking" well within speed limits and then pull back. I know its a bit of a childish thing to do, but Ill freely admit that this once and was really just underlining the point about my acceleration to the guy.

I think he was just a bit surprised that a N/A car was faster than a Turbo.

With out wishing to sound like a boring old tw*t, after seeing numerous crashes around essex, seems to be one every day at the weekend, involving XR2is RS Turbos, Puntos, Corsas etc. It really drives home that street racing is very dangerous. The best place to open your car up is on the track and not on public roads. We all enjoy our various cars, but when this enjoyment leads to accidents and injury/death then there is obviously a problem. I am not sure if everyone in the club agrees but we should be trying to promote enjoying the cars we own and not trying to prove to spotty 17year ols in novas and RS turbos that we are quicker, it can only give us a bad name in the long run...I used to own a 16v and I know they are rapid and I am sure that fiesta driver did as well...if he wants to burn you up, let him, hell be the one that ends up dead in a ditch somewhere and youll be still driving around in your lovely motor....sorry if I have ranted on abit I refrain from burning boy racers up in my 172, which is clearly the quicker car...its not worth it.

Nice replies guys.
I think I must really be getting to old as well.
Ben seems much clearer they way you wrote it this time ! It appears we do both do our racing the same way. Smoke em, acknowledge them, SLOW DOWN and let them risk there lives and car somewhere else.

Will be doin some of me own racing at Santa Pod 15/9, one place where you can see whose CAR is the quickest, in about the safest enviroment.

what powers your saff running? i just got my XR4 blown and would like some comparisons against modified cossies (on paper the twinturbos are faster, but ive never TRIED it in real life)