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Diesel 182 Exhaust??

Hey people,

I'm currently driving a 1.5 DCI (52 plate) due to a 60 mile trip per day to work the the mpg is doing me well !

Looking at the 182 i love the dual exhaust, Is it possible to change the rear bumper and exhaust just be swapping them over? will it cause any issue? I'm under the impression diesels use the exhuast in a number of different ways compared to a petrol, any potential issue i might occur (mot/emissions?)

On another note, if anyone has any suggestions to stop it sounding like a tractor that would be helpful !




ClioSport Admin
You'll need a replica exhaust that goes around the wheel well. 182s don't have a wheel well so the exhaust goes straight through the middle of the car.

but the bumper can be changed easy enough