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Does anyone know anything about my car?

It's a 2005 1.6 extreme 4, I've never seen another one on the road and can't seem to get any information on it online.

It's also weird because it had body matching bumpers which is something I haven't seen on anything other than an RS. Were these an optional extra that nobody went for?

I was wondering if there was a reno resource or suchlike, just to see how many extreme 4s were brought over here etc.
Good point, here it is!

It's mostly the suspension I'm wondering about, I've heard it's different to normal Clio suspension but thought that was a bit odd as the "extreme" is surely only a change in trim?

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Extremes of that age came with colour coded bump strips from oem, the suspension difference is the usual "sports" suspension fitted to the 1.4 16v and 1.6 16v cars.


ClioSport Club Member
extreme 4 is similar to a dynamique but slightly less speced.

you will have had colourcoded bump strips from factory however they will have a matt finish, not lacqured or rubbed down before paint.

you will also have different interior from a normal dynamique (kinda green coloured seats) with a green colour on the dials to match

outside temp sensor, electric mirrors were also optional extras over a normal dynamique which had them as standard, cd player as standard. no rear speakers. theres more i cant think about lol

suspension as said above is the sports package that comes on all DCi and 1.4 16v, 1.6 16v models. ive never really been able to tell a difference as to how they drive, but they handle well out the box, bit soft. not to be confused for the cup pack thats fitted to 182's which i beleive renaults parts system lists as the "extreme pack"