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Dynamique Insurance quote after FREE ins

  H22A7 Accord Type R

Hey all, as the months tick by, and the re-newal approaches, I am just after a few thought on the price of my insurance for next years cover.... Anyone out there who has finished the free insurance and now on their own????

Im 20, will have the no claims (touch wood) on the free insurance, and 2yrs of driving company van with no incidents etc.......So, what has everyone else been quoted / robbed for???? Im hoping that it may be not much more than £1000??????? Cheers all, Rob

i got a provisional quote and

21yr old male

1yr NCB

2 claims within 5 yrs (1fault)

Car parked in street

Med/High crime rated zone

Standard security


so i can see yours being around the £700-800 mark

Surely it wouldnt be that much? Its not like youre only just 17, or have I lost touch with insurance premiums for 17-20 year olds? How many years no claims will you have from the free insurance? I pay £1000 fully comp on my 172 and Im only 22. Have you tried getting dummy quotes? - and http://www.egginsurance.com

all do accurate reasonable quotes providing the car isnt silly. In fact Tesco were the best price I could find for my 172 - they even beat the very cheap Adrian Flux, who have had my business for years! - even so, Im still with AF because they reduced their premium for me.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

cool.........i an just preparing for the worst......... if i talk to someone im sure my company van usage and my free Renault insurance no claims should help me out! £1000 for a 172.....thats pretty damn good!! gives me somethin to aim for! Im off to tesco to get a quote, i have heard they are good! Cheers, Rob

my problem is that ive had two recent accidents (start of this year), but come the end of the free insurance i will have the all important 1yr NCB, bringing the policy right down

if it wasnt for the free insurance id be paying around £1700, which really isnt worth contemplating

When your free insurance is up and you dont have a claim if you re-insure with Renault UK Insurance (which is the same company as Tesco Direct Line and Privelage) they award you with full no claims but only if you re insure with them.

When my Coupe came up for renewal i had quotes of £800 then my Renault insurance renewal came through at £600 and nodody could touch it.

I know pay £800 to insure my Clio Cup with Renault


  Audi TT Stronic

Dont know if this helps but here is my situation

Fully Comp for a mk2 172, I am 24 with 4 years NCB and 7 points for an IN10 about 3 years ago.


That was from

Good Luck.

my free insurance ran out when i was 20, 1 crash(own fault) in last 5 years, when the free ins ran out, it was 696 fc with renault ins