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Dynamique S 138

Have seen some threads on this but this has come from Renault UK...

Renault UK said:
We'll be bringing out a Dynamique S 138 in the next month or so - 2.0 litre engine (138hp) and six speed manual gearbox. The interior will be dark grey - upholstery part leather with specific centre console and leather steering wheel etc. Exterior wise - extra tinted rear windows and 16" alloys with sports front wings. No chassis changes.

More details will be released nearer the launch...


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  BMW M135i
Makes for a nice warm mk3 for the people who want a 197 but can't afford the insurance. Good idea imo.
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Like the Type S from Honda. Appealing for those that want the show and less go/running costs.
Was bound to happen they were talking about GT type model Clio before the car was even released.

I quite like the idea as Si said its a Tys whereas the 197 is the type R of the range.
Day said:
^ Should of been a quick diesel though right?
Would have been nice but the 105hp dci engine has found the limit of the new gearbox so you'd have to use a PK6 etc which is a big box with associated weight. Until they make another strong 6 speed box I'd think a stong dci is off the cards. They do have one in desing at the moment though I belive.

Its just a normal 1.6 Clio with big wings and the less tunned engine.
Crazy Clio said:
wonder if they will just use the engine that were i nearly 172s that didnt make no where near 172bhp :p
They'll use a different variat engine there a few to choice from.

You can see its heading to a low pressure ~165hp model later on in the Mk3 run though using the new 6 speed box as the 197 but the 197 will have been upgraded.
  Chocolate Bar™
read in auto express ages ago it was going to be called the GT. obviously more of the same old auto express b****cks.

i think its a good idea, but a powerful diesel would probably have sold better.