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East anglia renault meet 29th

This sunday the RENAULT SPORTS CLUB east will be meeting in NORWICH at the Wagon and Horese pub on Dereham road just 5 mins from the main A47 at 2pm!

All none members are welcome to come down and join the group and have a chat over a drink etc.. and see what mods etc peeps have done

You all welcome cheers gav the RSC events rep:D
  X 200+ cup, now focus RS

got to work till 4, ill have a drive past and see if ya still there, need to pop in and see the :oops:vauxhall:oops: boys anyway

Well we all moving next month the renaults are going to the pub/resruant on the acle straight near yarmouth! Think the vauxhall will to but they say the car park is to bumpy!Ill repost closer o the time but cheers for those ho came nice1 i took some pics and am trying to sort a mag to come down some time and do a feature!:D