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Eds 172 Cup

  ph1 track weapon
Hey all,
got me a cup yesterday. fairly clean on 63k with history up til now, cambelt being done next week
Car needs a good machine polish and I'll be getting a dent man out to clear up the parking dents done by the female previous owner! Turinis have seen better days so they'll be in for a refurb ASAP in anthracite

first impressions are that its an awesome car. acceleration is fantastic as is the handling, although after jacking the car up yesterday it seems to have done something to the track rod end, so am having a replacement fitted on monday. at the moment the car steers quite hard right due to the rod having too much play in it

Gave it a full clean inside and out so far. Products used on the exterior included AG Ultra Deep Shine and DODO Rainforest Rub wax to protect.

plans are to do a few small bits, like the PTFE gaskets and ITG panel filter when it goes in for cambelt, then other bits as and when the funds allow

So for now all i have is a few clean pics. All comments, criticism and suggestions appreciated





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First thing I noticed was the missing grille! Need that sorting Ed! Apart from that looks like a clean example!
  Fiesta zetec s
They don't come with a splitter but i had the 1.2 grill on my car when i had it and yep it had had a bump. standard rs grills are £52 in renault though
  Fiesta zetec s
Nope, the 172 cup didnt come with them standard. I think they were an option. I got a carbon fibre one from Ktec though, does make the front end look much better though.


ClioSport Club Member
Nope, the 172 cup didnt come with them standard. I think they were an option. I got a carbon fibre one from Ktec though, does make the front end look much better though.

I pretty sure the cup splitters did come as standard, on 172 cups..

I'll cup a eye out for your cup around Winchester Ed :)
  ph1 track weapon
is that not a sport grille on it then? I thought it was? As far as I know it hasn't had a bump. nothing came up on the HPI and previous owner said nothing of it. No paint mismatches either, so if it was repaired it was done to a good standard

Splitter I enquired about but she also said it had never had one. may go for the ktec one at some point

wanting to get the track rod done so i can 'explore' the handling a little more too. not too keen on driving it hard with it being the way it is.

Shall get the sport grilles on order!

some of them came fitted as standard, others just had them chucked in the boot from what i've heard. the 172 should have one though.

still looks like a nice one :) enjoy it.
  ph1 track weapon
gonna go in search of both bits anyways. grille could have cracked for whatever reason, but found one for a reasonable price so thats all good, and will prob get the ktec splitter at some point.

theduck - what do you mean about the bumper stickers? where?

also, anyone know a good dent removal guy down in Hampshire, the cheaper the better!
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As others have said: Looks nice apart from the non-RS grille and lack of splitter.


Yes, both items were standard on the 172 Cup.
  ph1 track weapon
Yep Mork, got one. first journey in the wet today, so gonna see how it goes, having heard everyone say you need to be fairly nice to them!
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I've yet to be 'scared' in mine, just strengthening the puckering muscles sometimes.

Obvious stuff though with a 2nd hand car, check the tyre pressures


ClioSport Club Member
  Too many.
Its probably lost its splitter on a curb or something! The cop models came with cup splitters standard IIRC. Also, what a strange grille to have on it? Must have cracked in a bump or when closing the bonnet.

Anyways, nice car buddy will look good once you get your plans into action ;)
  ph1 track weapon
The last stamped service was done at 52k and a light with'serv' is now lit on the dash. Is this to indicate it needs doing?

The other light is what looks to be airbag light to the right of the speedo. Anyone shed any light on this?

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ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Where do you think the 182 got its 'cup' parts from?? Real cups (172) ;) had the splitter, enlarged boot spoiler as standard.
  172 Cup
Lovely looking cup there, just like mine.

Was thinking about getting my turinins anthracite or at least a grey colour but may stick with bright silver.

Also, yeah I think all 172 cups came with a splitter and an RS grill

Hope you're enjoying it mate, I certainly love mine :)
  ph1 track weapon
Off to renault for the RS grill tomorrow, then possibly a ktec carbon lip if the cambelt service doesn't come back too expensive!

Mainly been spending the pennies on serviceables, such as new track rod, clip for driveshaft boot and a small hole welding on the cat. Full cambelt service on tuesday then can hopefully spend money on some uprated parts!!!

Initial impressions are that its great fun to drive, although the back end seems to feel incredibly light, to the point of scaring me a little. I did have a fast road geoetry setup done though so that may be. A factor.

As always, opinions, comments or suggestions welcome! No new pics as it all still looks the same!

  ph1 track weapon

so the car goes into rentec tomorrow for the following!

Aux belts
Oil Service
Plug Change
PTFE gaskets
Fitment of Ktec carbon splitter

Looking forward to it making a bit of difference as the belts were due last year even though the car is only on 64k.

moving on from there I'm gonna have to get a new exhaust sorted at some point as the original in knackered, and i think one of my rear shocks may need replacing, so a good excuse to upgrade!

  Ultra Red Megane 225
Looks good mate :)

We'll be out getting some pics sometime in the next couple of weeks I think, your welcome to join.
  ph1 track weapon
Sounds good man.

Give me a shout as and when you do and I'll drag myself out. Got a few new pics of it, and all I can tell from them is that it desperately needs to be a little lower!
  ph1 track weapon
since my last post I now have the RS grille and Carbon Splitter, plus have started putting the car on a diet, a hint at whats to come!

also got a few pics whilst out with some mates last night. The evo's running about 450bhp and the leon 180bhp. the Cup kinda fits somewhere in the middle! haha





  ph1 track weapon
Bit of an update!

Further stripping has commenced! now nothing in the rear, and soon to be little in the front!
Am picking up a sparco bucket and 4 point harness from a mate of me dads for free in the next few days, so will have a decent seating position too!
Other new mods are a shorter/thinner plate, which I think looks a lot better, and a cheap Sony H/U with aux input so i can play my ipod. only went cheap as its a majority track car so doesnt really need anything expensive!

More photo updates in the next few days!

  Clio Cup,Leon 1.8T,Eunos
Ed - I ran a connects2 ipod link & can control my ipod from the stalk... worth a try?