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exhaust help please/ k tech 182 rep

  Rb182cup+s2 rallye
my exhaust has just split at the backbox and ive took it off now it sounds pretty mental is it safe to drive without one?

ive asked for the 182 replica for crimbo but it looks like ill be buying it myself is it a good system?

also what kinda anal penitration should i be lubed up for from the insurance company will it be deep and painful or a nice suprise with it being gental?
Think you may need to watch the hot gases don't melt your bumper. As now they'll be directed straight at it. Oh, and buy some ear plugs!
  Rb182cup+s2 rallye
its not near the bumper its half way down the car where it came off and it aint to bad sound impreza like ticking over lol