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FAO BenH (PM’s not working i think)

Ben did you get my PM? i dont think the private messenger service is working,

Ben, your tyres have arrived!

e mail me for details

Jimbo/BenR/Matt Brown have you recieved my PMs? sent yesterday and the day before, i might be wrong but i dont think its working right

Ive just fitted some Phase 2 16v wheels and the tyres are really shoddy. So Lofty is about to sort me out with four new ones!

I hope the three of us can meet up soon for the promised trip to some good Welsh roads!

Hows your XR2 coming along Ben - I hear it could be 150bhp!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Lofty you have an email from me.

Also can u quote me on 4 x T1S and 4x S-03s 185/55 15.

THanks mate


ah ok,

replied to ya lofty........

and the fezzy comming along well, but i need a new lucas race ignition system with side exit dizzy cap as i can physically get my twin 40s on, and hopefully well be looking at about 150bhp after some other mods i make....i might try to makea better head yet then sell this one on again.

the fezzy works, just not with all the part on sarcy git...HAHA.

but teh clio...ergh, i dont even wanna go near sorta sucks bad luck towards it!

so much needs o be done i need a good month off to do it....