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RE: clip art and messin round with photos!

Now ive seen a few of you smartie pants doin it on here before and was nuff impressed. was just wonderin, i know someones already got em, but doesnt post anymore, can anyone do a Clio Cup with the norm speedline turinis, but in white 17s??!?!?! please!

i need to see one!


ok, its a bit dodgy, Im at work so I can do you a better one when I get home. I have no decent pics to work with, so can you mail some to"> with details on and Ill do em tonight, but, just to show you a quick example.. here it is.....

gimme 2 mins to get it on my webserver

like I said, send us a mail with pics on and Ill do what I can with better pics.

In fact, if anyone wants anything else doing, drop me a mail and itll stop me getting bored tonight!

geordie looks wick, could you do the other one? but do you reck they might look bit like 18s...hmmm maybe i dont know

And dave also looks mad, infact i dont think you need diff pics, them ones help you see the best! can it be bigger tho?

Good job! Id stick with silver versions though, my mates got a white wheeled corsa and they get dirty just rolling out of his drive!

lets see your best virtual mod of the cup matey!

I want tints and the full works!


Ive posted one on here a few times now, looks the nads if I dont say so myself!

am awaiting your challenge!

anyone got any pics of other cars they want "stuff" doing to? I welcome the challenge, something to do tonight rather than read about Cisco Systems routers. Thrilling stuff. earth mover (the big ones!) in yellow.....DOI, jking, in black with hot rod flames, huge solid rear wheels with teeny front ones, a blower on top of the hood......and.....some neon lights!

go on, i dare ya!!!!

a pint if ya do........well, maybe some of HKs finest;)

looks phat dave! cmon geordie can you compete!?!?!

dave what did you do, tints brakes and lower with the indicators?

Paul thanx for tryin but i would ov thought the bigest pic on the drive was big enough, as for the wheels on ma car they r 17" TSW REFLEX 40mm offset i was the first person in the country with them and it has bin lowered 40mm allround on APEX springs and shocks and the arches have bin rolled just incase ov any rubbin at revolution gateshead