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FAO Nick read re 4x4

Hi Nick, the other thread got a bit graphic intensive

I agree though, yes.. there will be a point fairly easily reached that the clio chassis is pushed beyond the limits with a highly tunable turbo fitment.

4x4 is the way to go.

as for fitting this to the 172 or other models, the front would just require some minor panel bashin in the engine bay, routing of transmission change cables/levers and reroute of exhaust.

I dont see any of the above as a problem really.
the rear is more tricky..

either the full rear subframe from the 4*4 could be used, or parts from it.. possibly the full subframe would be easier but would mean som cutting and shutting of the rear of the car (internally)

But the results.. the scenic uses (i believe) a viscous coupled torque sensative dif that makes the car effectively a front wheel drive with little or any power to the rear. However, on slippage the the diff locks up (as it senses a differential in rotational speeds) and does its magic.

It should be fairly easy to mod the diff to produce greater lock (if needed)

I think the results would be tremendous.

Have you any ratio figures for the box.. I am struggling to find them at the mo.

  BMW 320d Sport

Youre definitely on the right track Joe, even if it is a wacko idea. Once the diff pushes drive to the rear what kind of front/rear split would you get?

If you can do it you might have a nice little business going doing 4wd turbo conversions - 200bhp at the wheels - *useable* power!

Ill try and get the gear speeds off of my Willy box tomorrow, trying to get specs out of Renault is like getting blood out of a stone.