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FAO: SPI RT Ecoktek Owners

Without beginning another debate on whether or not it works I would like to know where RT owners have fitted their ecotek valves. Mine was fitted on the hose between the inlet manifold and the vaccuum check valve (hose goes to the bulk head next to the throttle cable). Is this correct? My garage blamed it for making my car idle poorly, they said once theyd covered it up the engine ran more smoothly. I can believe this, but I thought it might just be in the wrong place. Can I have some opinions please.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

vacuum check valve ?

i had mine on the brake servo vacuum hose, which is just a hose from the brake servo to the inlet manifold, nothin in between

i think it might be the 2nd hose across from the drivers side, i think the first one is the vacuum hose for the map sensor

right i think its the one the little hand is on, but have a feel around, its definitely not the one in the middle, and i think the one on the end is the Map sensor vacuum hose


as you can see on the diagram, the vacuum lines are offset to one side, and because of the design on the inlet manifold, any air the ecotek draws in will not be distributed equally, where the hose enters the I/M it has already started to break off to feed the air to each cylinder, at the most it will feed its swirly air to the 2 on the drivers side, therefore half of your engine will be running with more air than the other, this aint a good thing, everythin should be running equal

im a firm believer that the Ecotek works, but DONT use it on an RT, cos the design of the I/M means its not workin correctly for the car

take it off !

When I looked in the haynes manual the only thing that I could find that it sounded like was that. From what I understand the hose goes to a little valve off the servo, its to test that the vaccuum works i think, but Im probably wrong. It looks and sounds like the same one you used though. Does the hose I need to replace go through the bulkhead, because the little valve thing i think just sticks out. I really hate things that go all the way through, this is one of the reasons I still havent put my new throttle cable in, it took me half an hour just to get it from the scrappies... and that car had tons of stuff removed already!

I always thought it was a bit iffy, the only way I could see it working was fitted to each cylinder otherwise itd be distributed inequally. cheers anyhow... any one want to buy an ecotek!? lol