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fao teady172

Hi Teady, notice you have a v6 Laguna and 172..

can you do me a *small* favour ??

take a look at the 2 under the bonnet.

Would you think it was possible for the v6 to fit in the 172 engine bay ??.

I am non plussed about the technical problems of fitting the lump, just if it would physically fit. (Length, width, height etc.

Any good camera shots would be useful too.

Cheers M8.


an important measurement would be from the gearbox bellhousing mating face to the inner wing (ie, length of engine if the original gearbox was maintained)..

the length of the actual gearbox bellhousing would be a bonus as the original gearbox in the 172 is the better option, the bellhousing from the v6 would need to be fitted to the 172 box if this is possible..


Two words......forget about it!!

The engine bay in the laguna is packed, you think the clio is bad with the 2.0. Thats the one reason they stuck the bugger in the back of the Clio V6.

Ill take some pics tomoz, but I get the feeling it a no goer!

Oh my that should have been three words, what a [insert appropriate word]!!
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