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FAO weight or P Carr!

Ok after studying weights guide to lowering a torsion bar I am all tooled up and ready to tackle the job tomorrow.

1 question though

I bought an M10 bolt 80mm long to use as the extraction tool but it doesnt fit through a socket. Did you need to widen the socket hole at all or is my bolt too wide?

Also the bolt only screws into the torsion bar a couple of turns by hand and needs to be screwed in tightly with a socket in order to get it to go further in. Did you have to do this or did the bolt screw in fairly easily by hand?

Just trying to work out if my bolt is the right size as I dont want to force it if it is too big.

Cheers for any help


Hi Ben!

you need a half inch drive socket! (hole in socket bigger) urs is obviously a smaller drive.

Have you done a nice job of cleaning the thread on the torsion bar?? as this may be ur problem ur describing. you will have to screw it in with a spanner/socket but dont force it!

M10 is correct if memory serves!!

if u get any more probs post here, and i will check on this thread from time to time.

good luck!