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Fast Car/Donny South

I am stuck at home ill and my g/f brings round this months issue of fast car as we have been waiting to see if the club got any coverage as there was such a blinding turn out on the clio sport stand over the 2 days !!

but the magazine had about 100 words a few cars and some women ! now how crap is that !!!

I think the report that cliospot wrote should be sent to them as they cant even notice up and coming clubs let alone us

I mean they couldnt be bothered to turn up at Southend

N e 1 else agree

Rant over !!!:mad:

TO be fair its not just Fast car all the mags (max power, revs etcc) are all a steaming pile of w**k! they never turn up and basically have no interest in the clubs perhaps if we hired some ugly girls with big tits the stupid buggers might just send one of there highly uninteligent reporters down because that is obviously more connected to cars than a clio club. Lets face it all the people at the mags have a slight God complex!

so yes i do agree

good point!


redline is the best mag out there, they have shown an interest in some events weve done at

came to france with us etc, should get a mention soon

I had a quick look and you can see the back end of clio if that counts!!!

But she was not even on the Clio stand so I suppose not!!

fast car is prob the best out of the boy racer mags.

however i wish all these mages would spend more time writing interesting articles and covering nice cars. than asking 4 ugly birds whether they spit or swallow and whether they would mailto:sh@g">sh@g an ugly bloke with a nice motor. its not like the answers are even amusing "yea" "no" "im not answering that".

and why does every mag have to have at least one corsa in it, not like they even look individual. makes me sick:( rant over!

I think it was yous as yours was the only white clio that I can remember bottom of page 120 in fastcar this month near some dirty birds cheeks!!!

easy on the corsas, i aint seen many clios that are AMAZINGLY different from one and other, so whats the deal? a nice corsa shud be in a mag as much as a nice clio - there is a point about the gashness of the mags at the mo tho - they seem to have very little actual content, and they all seem to have the same cars in them all the time, if u get al the mags at least 2 have the same cars - now i am sue that there are enuff good cars in the world that theyy can find different ones for like 4 major mags every month.

They do seem to no show up alot too, that is a bit pony.

i cant complain about fit girls tho (some of the rotters they have in the back of max tho are excluded from that) as i am a real man and looking at fit girls is just part of what i like to do - lol