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Finding a good Williams

In the next few months I will hopefully be in the position to buy a Williams. I regularly look on the Auto Trader website for possible purchases and there is rarely any decent looking, low mileage ones for sale. Is this simply that everyone wants to keep theirs because they are so damned good?

I will be looking to pay circa £6k-7k for an exceptional one. Are their any reputable dealers who specialise in selling the Williams?

Thanks in advance from a new member.

  Leon Cupra

Willy is great car (classic in the making), most Willy owners take pride in there motors so i dont think you will have a problem finding a mint one. Good hunting.;)



Are you looking for a williams 1 2 or 3?

I might know where there is a 1 for sale!

And it will come with a matbrown seal of approval! The most coverted of awards.

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You should have a choice of loads for that money! Just keep looking, and the ones that stay for sale are obviously dogs so keep clear and let everybody else do the work for you.

Stay a bit lower than your budget because you will need cash to repair/change stuff on it as soon as you buy it. Dont worry about little niggles like cracked headlights/fogs etc.. You can easily replace most stuff on every car plus if you are prepared to do the work yourself you can pick up a cheap one that others might not want to buy.

Im preferably looking for a Williams 1 though Im not overly concerned which one. Where abouts is this Williams 1 then Mat? You got any more details?

I know there are 17 or so on Auto Trader but most of them have either been on there for ages or have high miles. I know this is not a major problem if kept well but I would still like something a bit newer.



Its not for sale yet, just a friend who lives in the same town as me (Hinckley) mentioned that he might get rid of it as he has a motorbike now and i said id have a look cos i might be able to put someone onto him!

I will let you know condition, mileage when i have been to look at it!