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.:Flash recommendation for mi Nikon please.:

  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
OK yea I have not been quite active since Ive been back in UK and M currently a broke CS member BUT i have just purchased a D90 to get me on track :rolleyes:.

M doing a shoot for my friends gig in a pub and need a flash so can someone recommend which one will be ideal? I've never actually used one before so it will be new for me. Ive looked at the Sb400 and Sb600 but have no experience in them. So anyone with suggestions will be much appreciated.
  A4 Avant
I want a sb600, but got Christmas to pay for first. I'll see if any bargains are about in the sales.
  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
Revels is it quite complicated? How different is it to the intergrated flash?
  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
Its like a small gig in a pub and i reckon its going to be dark so im assuming i would need a flash. Have you got pictures taken with you flash mate?
  Fiat Panda 100hp
Just get a sb 600 and stick it in TTL mode (auto) and shoot in manual on the camera. Sorted.