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Fuel Smell; Misfire; MPG and Headache: RESOLVED.

  Clio 197
Some of you may remember a post about the following:

1) The smell of fuel

2) The smell of burning

3) A tappety sound

4) A slight missfire

5) Headaches / Nausia

6) Headaches / Nausia

7) Headaches / Nausia

It turns out that my engine had spat-out a plug.

It wasn't screwed-in, and obviously air/fuel was escaping from the cylinder, occasionally detonating. The surrounding area was covered in soot.

A new set of plugs fitted TAF (tight as fook), and a bit of injector cleaner...

...all sorted.

Jeez, I've not seen 30MPG round town in for a boodt long time.