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Full interior re-vamp

Hey all, havfe decided after reading a few different bits that performance mods are a waste of time on my car, and so am going to do the interior instead. So far on the shopping list is :-

1) Dash Kit - Probably Blue DashDynamics
2) Dials Kit - Not sure what colour yet, but dont want white or black!
3) Blue leather gaitor and handbrake handle
4) Blue leather gaitor and gear knob

5) Blue or silver pedals
6) Full leather retrim with matching blue shoulder pads and another colur for the centre piece, again dont know what colour.
7) Door cards re-trimmed same as the seats

All oppinons/ideas etc pleasurably recieved!
  Chocolate Bar™

dash kit - do you mean the sticky back plastic stuff? if you do, id recommend subtle colour coding of some interior bits (centre section, air vents etc.) as i think it looks better

[Edited by Middo on 05 April 2005 at 11:13pm]

yeah the sticky back plastic stuff. want something that will look like i;ve done something, advice on where and how much an entire new dash would be anyone?