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Gaz.'s Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

A few weeks ago, JMImports informed me that I had won this Skyline at the Japanese auctions. Today, she's made her way to the docks and I've received the pre-shipping photos. It's a 94 model, with just shy of 80,000 miles on the clock.

She's no pristine example at a Grade 4B, but JM will sort out the scuffs etc on the body for me, and I've got a Nardi steering wheel sat in the garage anyway. Needs the fogs ditching, interior tidying a little and it'll not be far off. Also running a Cassette deck, so 90's! Also discovered today it has an ARC panel filter, good old £££ rocking horse part right there lol.

Here's the images anyway...













Can't wait to get it now, going to be June at this rate though. Gives me a chance to refurbish my Regamasters for it, get some coilovers, get the interior bits and then enjoy it for a bit, before undersealing it.
£7,500 on the road, so that's including all the fees in Japan, Shipping, registration/mot/sva, service, paintwork, checking the fuelling etc, plus JMImports' cut which is £750.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
That I don't like it.

But I like you so didn't want to hurt your ginger feelings.
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These are really starting to go back up in price a bit now, so that price isnt as bad as it sounds.

Still epic cars, I think they look kind of cool in a brutish sort of way :)
That I don't like it.

But I like you so didn't want to hurt your ginger feelings.

Ah. Well they're not to everyone's taste. You love VAG estates, which do shine all for me lol.

Yeah they look old, but that's part of the appeal. Pure early 90s, I love it. Need some acid house cassettes to play in it!

I was searching the auctions a lot myself aye, but JM are sorting the rest so it's no hassle at all to me.

Future plans, not a lot really, lower it on my Regas, underseal it, tidy up the little bits, a bit of chassis work possibly, light tuning maybe too. We'll see how funds go.

Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
Its nice that you get to see it in the state as it leave Japan, good to see you know what your getting mate.

Looks like it will be a nice car..


Hi Kiss Luke E****
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're a brave c**t Gareth <3

I love it personally!
Amazing! Makes me want to fire up the PS1 and play Gran Turismo. Can't wait to see it when it's tidied a bit.
  Ph 1 172
Epic cars would love on but get the feeling it might always be out of my price range with running costs. What's the road tax, insurance and general maintenance on the skyline of this age?
Road tax - old school system of engine capacity, over 2.0l - think it's currently £235 for 12 months. Insurance for me - £12-£1300. Maintenance is normal to me coming from the 200sx and RX7, talking very regular oil changes with fully synth (2-3k miles) etc.
Much with any car, depends how they're treated, state of tune etc. It's a 19 year old Grp A developed race car for the road, there's always the potential for something to die on you.
  Ph 1 172
Ill be honest I was expecting much more than that on all fronts. But I suppose if something does go wrong it's serious ££££ for a new turbo and what not
New turbo? Turbos, there's 2 of the buggers to replace if they die! 6 cylinders, so coilpacks, leads, plugs, injectors etc inevitably end up costing you more than a 4 pot. Then there's the inevitable RB26 tax on aftermarket parts, and I'm always a believer in uprating if something breaks. That's where the real cost is at.


ClioSport Moderator
So Mr. "hated my jap import because everything went wrong and it cost me a fortune" has bought another? You're utterly mental mate!

As for the car, I'd hope a good interior clean, some new mats and a damn good polish etc will leave it looking retro cool rather than old like it does now.

Brave man, but I'm quite looking forward to watching your progress and watching you swear repeatedly when you find out a small japanese man has been using hair gel as cv grease or something equally brilliant.

Ray Gin

ClioSport Club Member
  Cupra Leon & Impreza
Not a huge fan on the looks from the front but I like the retro style rear end.

Brave man buying another old, old jap car mind :rasp:
  williams 2,seat leon
Loved these ever since they stuffed everything on the aussie touring cars, until they got banned. Good luck with it.


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The turbo'd are cheap second hand. I used them on my Mx-5 turbo. Only paid £20 for 2 perfectly serviceable ones!
  1.2 16v
I like it! You got to come up newcastle to collect it or you having it delivered? If you're coming up, feel free to take me for a spin as I live minutes away from crammy! ;)


Formerly Mashed up egg in a cup
ClioSport Club Member
It's so 90s and I love it. Mostly because you're f**king mental.

You really deserve a good one mate. Definitely. Agree with everything Robbo said.