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gearbox oil change help, how are you supposed to get it in



ive decided on changing the gearbox oil as there is a good chance it has never been changed since the day the car left the factory 10 years ago. i poped down to halfords earlier and picked some 15w40 up for the engine. i was looking for some gearbox oil and the book for all the oils said use 75W80 and it uses 3.7 liters but they only sell it in 1L tubs at a tenner each. where is the best place to buy from and is this the correct oil.

finally whats the easiest way to get the oil in it looks a real pain to get to?

thanks :)


ClioSport Moderator
Did this just the other week mate after popping a drive shaft by accident.

Yes it needs that much, a local motor factors should be cheaper, to fill it up I'd advise using a piece of hose or tube, but sometimes the bottle has a little hose thing on it, To get to the filler cap it was a bit of a b**ch, and to get the bottle down there I just took the fan off the rad.

The filler is located on the front of the gearbox, just open the bonnet and look straight down at the front. Its a black wingnut, could be white i suppose.


i think ill cut some hosepipe down and run it up to where i can pour it in easily, is the drain plug a wing nut on the bottom? did you notice any difference after the change? also is the oil i said correct? thanks.