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Gearbox out the bottom - Help me review my plan!

Having had the subframe off my clio, I'd much rather do that than take the box out the top, subframe comes off so easy, even if the captive nut clips break, Took me just over an hour iirc.
  330i. E30 Touring.
Plenty of room:

What do you do if a captive nut breaks? What's the plan of attack?

I had this happen on three of mine, Simple, Socket in the front two, 16 or 17mm iirc, I had the perfect lengh socket. Then the rears, spanner in the hole thats on the inside face of the chassis leg, was easy.
Sonny dont even attempt out the top tbh mate, I had a look at it while doing that last box and its a near impossible task without scratching/braking everything. Disconnect the ball joint on passenger side, shaft out, all frame bolts out incuding the pinch bolt for column, dog bone mount, gear linkage and the 4x 16mm rack mount bolts (leave the rack hanging) Jack under engine on the sump (block of wood) and remove the top gear box mount and lower engine/box down to an angle, remove bell housing bolts and starter bolts. You should manage to avoid removing drivers ball joint and shaft from hub if you swing the subframe towards the drivers side some more (no big issue if you have to remove it)

Box out and and opposite for back in, obviously remeber to drain oil first and any small clips for looms, coolant pipes and so on.

Haha no buddy i will def drop the subframe to try that method as I have not done it that way before.

Only prob is if one of the captive nuts start spinning... Good advise above regarding spanner. Had a nose around today and can see the inside access point.


ClioSport Club Member
I done box out the top with engine still in on a dci65 was a pain, Im doing the clutch and box refurb on my 172 this winter and I think tbh ill just lift the engine and box out as one.