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Good Price?..Help Please!

  Flame Red 172!
Hi guys,

Fairly new to this clio malarky but i've wanted one for ages, just got the money and this came up on AutoTrader today...

51 Plate, 47800 miles, red, 1 lady owner (selling as his wife who's car it was has died a couple of weeks ago) Full service history, have spoken to him and he seems pretty genuine, looks pretty immaculate from what I can see but will obviously know more on Sunday when I go down and see it.

link is:

7th one down

Just wondering if you guys (being in the know an' all that! ;) ) think that this is a good deal?

Asked him if the cambelt has been done and if it's had a new exhaust at any point and both answers were you reckon I can get him to knock some cash off for this?...coming up for a service as well I think, how much do ya reckon i'm looking at for this?

Any advice would be much appreciated!


A (hopefully) new 172 owner! :D
Seems a very good price to me mate...

You will probably want an aftermarket exhaust anyway and the cam belt isnt due till 72 (reccomend 60 imo)

Thats a good price mate but go for a drive and that will make ur mind up
seems reasonable to me, cambelt will need changing as it 72k miles or 5 years and 5 years is here..... Offer around £5k (after looking at it, trust you have?) and that would be reasonable to me, especialy with chip for extra bhp :)
  Flame Red 172!
Haven't gone to see it yet, going on Sunday...guy sounds pretty genuine on the phone but 'spose you never know until you see 'em face to face.

Got my fingers crossed though, was gonna offer him 5k for the cambelt reason and see what he said.

Will let you know (hopefully by posting some pics up next week!) ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Agree with keben . Offer 5k ,cambelt will need doing in the next 12 months at 60k, accessories belt and pulleys should have been done at 36,000 miles as well .

Not sure what chip he's got in there giving an extra 30 bhp tho' :eek:


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  VW Golf GTD
yeah seems ok, got mine practically exactly the same for £4895 :) but why would his wife be driving a chipped clio?
If it were me i'd want to know how it got the extra 30bhp, find out what exactly has been done & get proof of the work.
It does seem really cheap tbh.

One other thing is see it got a single cd head unit - ours has a tape player & a 6 cd changer under the passenger seat - I though they all did.


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  VW Golf GTD
Mine has a cd head unit and Cd changer so think thats ok.
  Flame Red 172!
Went to see her today and it is amazing!...purchased and picking up on Thursday, will post pics.

Just can't believe how fast it was, I mean I knew it was going to be quick but jesus!!!

I think i'm in love!
  Flame Red 172!
Why thank you very much, love the I right in assuming that they're quite rare?

Yup, paid 5k for it, got a pretty good deal there I think, sounds beautiful and been very well looked was his wifes car and she died about 2 weeks ago so it's just sitting on the drive, he said he's too scared to drive it, rather stick with his discovery!

Also, as an added bonus, it comes kitted out with a full on integrated hands free system which I thought was for nokia so wasn't that bothered by it but got there and realised it's for a sony and will fit my phone!...know it's not that exciting but it's a nice bonus and may even stop me from getting too arrested!

This week is going to kill me, it's going to go sooooo slow...but then come Thursday it's gonna go a lot faster! :evil:


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  VW Golf GTD
Yeah i think the flame reds are rare, but oddly everyone i've seen advertised has been about £1000 cheaper than the rest! you've got the fun i had of waiting.....