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Google Problem - Very Annoying !!!

  Skoda Fabia vRS
i have a problem with google, when people search for 'arnold clark st helens' up comes the google maps listing at the top, displaying a phone number of 01744 454330

this number is incorrect and should read 01744 457000

ive now created a listing and claimed the current one as my own, verified it, but nothing happens, ive now followed this procedure twice, and its been a few days since both were done, however nothing changes on the search results, still brings up the old number, which is an old parts dept number

its resulting in hundreds of calls a week going straight to parts which are for other departments
  Blown up 182 & Mondeo TDI
Google will soon index the right number, sorting out your robots.txt file will help speed it up
  Skoda Fabia vRS
its been nice and peaceful in work since it updated, people are finally calling the correct number

apparently they had been putting up with it for 3 years lol, ive been their a year now but only a few weeks ago decided to investigate, as prior to that ive not been taking the bulk of the incoming calls so didnt really realise how bad it was

a few minutes of google setting up an account etc, sorted, then just had to wait 2-3 weeks for it to update lol
  Skoda Fabia vRS
aaarrrgghhhhh !!!!

because it didnt work in the time scale it said it would, i removed the account i had created and did another one

just checked now and the search results are back to displaying the old number again, gonna have to wait another 2 weeks or so i guess for my other listing to become the result