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GR - Help needed

i have been emailing DT about parts for the clio 172 to be bought and shipped to HK. Its quite a list! anyway, have not recieved any emails over the 2 months, and when i called ( first spoke to john, eventhough its not his dept) they told me to email!!!!

i have a feeling that john is the only decent bloke there. DO they not want my tens of thousand of pounds!!!!!

anyway, i was wondering if you could email john asking him if he could talk to some people during lunch or when ever it not taking up his valuable time? i just think hell listen to you better....and i dont want to contack the international sales people again...tits!


i also see your car is now called jaques! a bit french aint it?
what about timotei for a french name.


  Shiny red R32

Ben the name came as a suggestion from PugBoy! Sounds quite cute!

I will be quite busy tomorrow but will prepare an e-mail for John and phone him as well if I get the time.

What e-mail address should he use to reply to you?

Is their e-mail address the same if sent from HK to Wrexham, or does it change being international? I wondered if this might be the reason you have not had a reply. Probably not though.

Hopefully John will sort something out for you Ben. He is pretty good.


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Have you got a copy of the list of stuff you need Ben? Send it to me if you like.

sorry, i sent the copy, but i might have it saved.

The reply email addy is and doesnt change.



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Hi Ben

I have a message for you from John, apologising on behalf of his export colleagues, for not having got back to you. He said it really isn’t good enough and he is going to ask them to look back through your e-mails and then get in contact with you to sort something out regarding your parts. Obviously John doesn’t normally deal with the export side of things, but he knows the guys who do, so you should be hearing from them pretty soon.



sorry, i go to sleep when you start reading the forum!!!!!

but i try stay up!

they did get in contact with me, and they said they lost/never got my email!

luck i saved it, or it would take 1/2hr to re type!!

say a big thanks to john, and you can give him a kiss, or a pint! which ever he prefers......the kiss is from me though

cheers GR


  Shiny red R32

I didnt realise that you like kissing blokes Ben! I enjoy a pint with the guys, so will look forward to that one Ben!

PS But I prefer a G&T though - large!

yes... a bit.

i emailed them the list again and they came back saying thre was no suspension kits for the 172 (eh?) no info on the exhausts!!!! brakes, strut braces, air filters!!!!

they just said they passsed on my info to the wheel s& tyre dept and are sending me a catalogue!!!

bloody poor service if you ask me, especially your looking at basic kit for 60!!! cars!!!


but thanks GR and john!

i just think the rest are lazy and imcompetant!


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Ben, once again John is to try to sort things out for you. I have given him your e-mail address again. OK?


  Shiny red R32

Have you heard from him yet? It might not be until Monday now, as he doesnt work weekends but he will try to help you as much as he can because he said there is quite a bit of stuuf to mod the 172 with.

In the meantime you could e-mail him at johnh@demon-tweeks and let him know exactly what you are after. He said he will take it on the chin from the export staff!