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Grants Clio 172 Cup

Right, I’ve decided to get a project thread going. I have already got some photos of the car so far in the Media part of the forum but I’m going to start this as its going to be an ongoing project.

This is where the car stands at the moment:
I brought the car just over a year ago with about 68k on the clock. It was in good condition but needed a few things sorted. I’ve got an ever growing list as long as my arm of things that I’ve done or need to be done, not all because it needs to, but because I want the car to be as good as it can be.

The things I have done already are:
  • Coil, plugs and leads
  • New carpets
  • Brakes all round (pads, discs and braided brake lines)
  • Fix the exhaust blow from the downpipe/cat gasket
  • New crank sensor
  • 2 new front tyres
  • Throttle body
  • Silver indicators
  • Shorter aerial
  • Replaced all 4 shocks / top mounts
  • Eibach sportline springs
  • New number plates
  • Serviced – All fluids and filters
  • Lower balljoint
  • Painted inlet manifold and fuel rail guard
  • Fixed the ecu bracket that had snapped
  • Speedo sensor
  • Rear number plate light
  • Removed seat washers

I still have a few things to do, as even the small things annoy me! I have to:
  • Replace the 172 cup door pillar stickers
  • Refurb alloys
  • Replace rear Renaultsport badge for a newer styley
  • Sort the steering wheel
  • New air filter
And a few other things which I’m sure I’ve forgotten about.

Anyways, as I said this is an ongoing project that I’ll try and keep up to date. Be nice to know what everyone thinks. Here are the pics which I’ve put up in the other thread of how the car is now:












A small update:

Ive booked a trackday at Rockingham on Sunday. Ive been there quite a few times, but never been round the track so it should be a good laugh. Its also going to be the first time i will have driven the car in any anger so hopefully i checked everything and it all stays together!

In prep for the day i have installed an oil pressure and oil temperature gauge in place of the clock/radio display. I haven't put the engine through any sort of stress like its going to be on Sunday so it'll be good to keep an eye on what its doing. Ill get some better pics when i can but this is how they came out.

Ive also bought some 172 cup stickers for the door to replace the old ones that are falling apart


ClioSport Club Member
How much were the stickers? Mine have been replaced at some point but they put them in the wrong place and it's really bugging me!
How much were the stickers? Mine have been replaced at some point but they put them in the wrong place and it's really bugging me!

They cost £28 delivered from Renault

Great work, i like what you have done with the gauges.

Thanks. It took me ages to work out where to put them as i wanted to put them in a place where i could remove them without defacing the dash. Also they were easy to wire up where they are.
Better late than never! Ive got some of the photos at Rockingham uploaded:







The first session in the morning was sooooo slippery. It was like driving on ice and the car was very tail happy but it was so easy to control, very impressed with the car and how it went throughout the day. Need to book another trackday now, preferably one thats dry! Got a list of a few things that need to be done but nothing serious. :up:
I've put together a few bits of the track day of me sliding around in the morning. It was very slippery, which, I expect didn't help with the choice of tyres I had on the car - Goodyears on the front and ditch-finders on the rear! It was a great way to find out how the car handles due to the slower speeds that we were doing as this was the first time I have driven a FWD car on a track.

How did you install the oil guages? Fancy writing up a guide?

All i did was cut up the clock surround and put a metal plate to hold them in place and wire them up from there. It was pretty easy. I will see what i can do. Ill have a look at the pics ive got to see if theres enough there to do one.
Just a small update as not much has been going on since the trackday. I had to replace the power steering pressure switch as it was leaking fluid everywhere and making a right mess! As it was a right pain to get to i had to improvise with the tools that i had to hand:


It worked well and done it in no time
I went to have a look at the cambelt the other day, as i checked it a while ago whilst trying to diagnose another fault. I used the proper Renault timing tools to check it so i knew that it was out but now i know why. This is what i found:


Tippex! everywhere! it was also all over the crank pulley! :rage:
Anyway, ive now done it properly and runs so much smoother.