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Grey Import Civic Type R

Word everyone !
Last night me and a friend were talking cars while in the pub a,d he told me that he was selling his golf 2.0 gti(which I race and beat on every occasion) and purchasing a 1.6 Civic Type R only avaliable in Japan. He states that they are 185 bhp FROM A 1.6 and can do 0-62 sprints in around 5.7. Now I find this hard to believe is he talking BS!

Thanks People !

  mk2 172

i think hes right, figures maybe a bit off but i think there called EK 9 or summat like that. import only, there wasa guy apparently doing the 1/4 mile in 14.7 in a standard one
  mk2 172

Engine 1,595cc
Cylinders 4 DOHC VTEC
Power 185 PS @ 8,200
Torque 16.3 kg.m @ 7,500
Weight 1,040 kg
Chassis is lowered 20mm and seats are by Recaro
Titanium Shift Knob
  mk2 172

i know mate but hes gonna race it in a valver, wonder how much they are on import, that would be a rare flying machine, theres no end of little known jap imports that fly!


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, these things are fookin amazing!!!

I know a lad that has (or had) one and it was rapid!

Hard to believe they are only a 1.6 too...

they fly and look superb - Ive seen one in coventry a few times, white - jap spec bodywork - would chop the best valver in the world against it. Its a different class to renault hot hatches
  mk2 172

lol, just bought one on gra turismo, did a 16.7 1/4 mile standard, so tuned it to 434 bhp!!!, with a turbo, and got 13.6. highly inaccurate i believe, now where did i leave that limited slip...........