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Grill mod help

  Ph1.2 / VW Polo
want to do a mod on my newly owned VW tomorow.
i currently have a de badged grill but i wanna put a badge on.

thing is i want it off centre. so my plan is to make an outline the size of the badge on the grill then cut a hole in the grill and slot the badge into the new hole and attach it.

1) what the best saw/tool to use for cutting the hole, bearing in mind its in a tight space and tough plastic.

2) how can i make it neat? sand the edges after?
  Black Gold Trophy
need some pics of your old grille and new grille mate, as earlier said plastic welding could work
  Ph1.2 / VW Polo
there both the same just one has no badge.
all i need is to find a way to attach 2 halves with a seemless link.

can get pics if you need them?