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Headlight adjustment (going to the nurburgring)

  Clio 172
Hi guys

so I'm going to the nurburgring later in the month and am making my self road legal. (Warning triangle, breathalyser, gb stickers)

my question is what do I need to do with my headlights? I've read you need to change the beam pattern and this can be done with deflectors (eBay or halfords job) but being as there xenons on my 172 will this still apply?? Or do we have another option??


Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
There's a little bit in the back of the projector unit that moves. Can see it here, it's the little bit sticking out just above the lower of the two bolts:


Just flick that up/down and it'll flatten the beam pattern, instead of it having the flick up at the left.

I'm pretty sure that's all that needs done for EU driving anyway
  mk1 Octavia VRS
Is this easy to get to with the headlights fitted to the car? There isn't a lot of room behind them!

Alternatively has anyone fitted eurolites beam deflectors? I bought some but the fitting instructions for mk2 clios only cover halogen headlamps, not xenons.


ClioSport Club Member
I didn't think you needed the breathalyser anymore, the new 'law' was scrapped/postponed wasn't it?
The law is in place but the fine for not having one was postponed indefinitely. So you technically need one but they can't do anything if you don't.

Only the French could manage that...