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Heeeelp - I’m running out of ideas!

Ok - a couple of years ago I bought a Panasonic H/U as it was cheap and played MP3/WMAs. At the time I had an old banger so thought it would compliment it nicely ;)
There had been some faults with the OEM H/U but I assumed that was the OEM H/U not the car.
When I put in the Panasonic the H/U randomly reset its self to factory default when I started the car!?! It would loose all presets, bass and trebble settings. Well, I assumed that this was the car and didnt return the H/U.
I recently bought a new car, a nice one this time and want nice ICE, but was using the Panasonic in the interim. What do you know the same problem happens in the new car!
Right I think time to buy a new Unit so I splash out £220 on a Lovely new Pioneer DEH-P77MP. It arrived today, I finished installing it, and the same f**king thing happens!!!!! :mad:

So either I have managed to buy 2 H/Us with the same wiring fault, or 2 cars with the same wiring fault!!!???!!

Any suggestions on how I can test it? I am sooo f**ked off now!
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Sounds like the head unit is not getting a continuous positive feed. There are two wires that you need to swap over that go to the block that houses all the power realted wires for the HU. I think one of the wires is red and the other is yellow. You should be able to spot them as they usually come with bullet connectors half way along the wire in case you need to swap them over.

Quote: Originally posted by BRUN on 01 April 2005

Vauxhall by any chance ?

thats what i was thinking, as my brother has a sony HU and got the same problems, and i just swapped the red and yellow wires, to give it a constant live feed from the battery rather than working on the ignition switch. Only problem with that is you have to turn the HU off manually, but i would imagine its pop off anyway so you just take the face with you.

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Yeah well at first I thought it must just be the constant and ignition switch wires needing swapped but hes says its intermittent which is weird!

intermittant problem

the 2 words above the problem highlight the main issues, over time units become worn and more unreliable, when you pay pittance for a head unit, you dont expect it to last a lifetime, even more so with the word panasonic across the box ;)

sadly it sounds like a mainboard failure, overheating possibly