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Hello Everybody! Im new...

  Clio 182 trophy
as by the title i have been a member on the site for a few month now (non paying member) and thought its about time to introduce myself.
As far as car history i started with a shed of a mini that got scraped when stripped down. current vehicles are an ongoing project of another mini cooper 1993 and the daily driver of a black 2005 clio extreme 4, So money gets split between them both.

Right started back in march when i purchased it.

First job was remove extreme decals, fit sport grill and change side light, numberplate light with LED versions and silver visions

The day after it got a touch of the french

After i got abit more interest back into her a sport rear bumper, colour coded handles and side bump strips was snapped up of the bay

Saved up a for a week and bought a set of new TA technix coilovers as standing like a monster truck didnt suit the bumper lol

As it is at the minute

Future Plans:
Wheels spacers or new alloys
Short areial
Colour code front bumper inserts
Megane front splitter

Comments and guidance would be appreciated :D


ClioSport Club Member
  981 Cayman
Welcome :)

If you copy the IMG code from photobucket it will display the image, like this :)