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Help required on model number!

  3 MPS, MX5
Help required on CD model number!

Just bought a CD player off Ebay and it supposed to be from a 2003 Clio but it doesn't fit a 52 plate Clio. Surely they'll all be the same fit?

The model number is RENRDW240-00

It seems to be about 1cm too wide and 1/2 cm too tall.
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  3 MPS, MX5
No, it looks more like the megane one's. I have spoken to a reno dealer since and he said that the model that I've been sold is either megane, modus or latest shape clio, although he wasn't 100% sure.

Trouble is, the ebay ad did have a picture but it was very blurred so you couldn't see it that well, but the seller said its from a 2003 Clio. So I bought it because of the description. I have contacted the seller but all they've said is that they were told its from a 2003 Clio:mad:
  RS mk2 172
I bought one from e bay it was from a 182 and it looked identical to the one in my 2003 172 but they are not compatible yet the plugs seem the same.
The one you need should say "tuner list "on the bottom right hand side
  3 MPS, MX5
I'm aware that some of the connections are different but they are generally the same
The one in my 2005 Clio V6 looks the same size as the cassette player in my partner's 52 plate Dynamique, so it would fit the same aperature but probably wouldn't work as one is update list and the other tuner list. The thing is I bought it because the person said it came from a 2003 Clio, so surely thats not possible if its a different size, and presumably the new Clio uses a larger unit than pre-2005:S