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Help Settle a argument

Can any1 settle an argument.

What group insurance is a mk3 Golf VR6 2.8litre.

My mate is about to buy one but he thinks they are group 14 but i am convinced they are higher than that.

Can any one settle this dispute?

Mate - itll be a 12v if its a regular VR6 and a 24v if its Highline special edition, owing to the 6 cylinders.;)

Whats sort of performance do they have: I reckon about 7s 0-60 and 145 top end.

Any1 know.

I am going to be gutted if he gets it as I am used to pissing on him as he used to have a VTR but now I wont have a chance.


ClioSport Club Member

Vr6s are still slow considering the amout of power they have mate

big top end though bout 140mph

what about 0-60?

Is mine capable of keeping up if I have some mods done like cams, chip, de cat etc or is it way out my league.

i considered one and was told it was group 17, and i think theyre all 12 valvers the vr6s, and theyre quicker than some figures suggest, would see off a valver in a straight line no probs, not quite as good on the twisties tho

theyre about 19 secs 0-100 time, and they get quicker with age...thrsty though


ClioSport Club Member

Eh? you ever driven one great noise but not what i would call "quick"

ive driven several they are all the same (Except one but that was modded:D)


ClioSport Club Member

There is a 24v vr6 but not in that car

it is a "v6" but i only has one head