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how to beat an evo 6 in a 1.2 16v !!!!

  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

funny night last nite, was driving threw ashton under lyne (monk ul now where this is !!!) come along a dead straight road past college and then down to big roundabout where bt is, saw a evo 6 aprroaching past so i sl*gged it in 3rd and give it the old peter ban, brakes gud on mine so he nealy went into the back of me at that point i pissed my side, anyway undercut about 4 cars then pulled over 4 him, he went past cudnt keep up with the acceleration but i caught up up after doing 80 down this dual carriage way towards asda up his ass all ray round roundabout cudnt leave me at this point, he caught a car up so i thought i shud get passed these 2 undercutting so i did ha ha just in time to miss a car in fornt !!!! he then put his spots on but at this tim i was long gone with mine on well b4 his just 2 say ur gunna get f***ed mate ha ha

stopped at lights and put window down, "hey mate its only a 1.2 16v u shud of seen his face gob smacked !!!!

then he turned off on to the motorway and went a bit quick ha
well impressed coz later that night i raced a 1.5 vtec civic 3dr he had 2 up aswell and i apsolutly killed him, i waited at these light and then killed him again, he just cud not keep up round any corners or in mid range out of them...he actually pulled up outside me house and said ur a f***ing sick driver to my surprise it was an old mate whod just passed his test after getting banned !!!!!

altogether a very good nite and may i just add this was all with 17s on and -60mm pi springs alot of bodymods not yet finished tho and no ice coz im having it all redone the boot build
!!!! so no my arsing going on out there

I had a McLaren F1 and a Zonda C12 last night in very similar circumstances. They were both so gutted that they said they were going to go and buy a REAL car - a 172...


what you did was highly illegal.

however id like to say, if ur beating an evo 6 the driver must have been very sh*t. ive had the joy of driving one and there is no danger a 1.2 should be even close.
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640


a 1.2 beating a evo?
the driver of the evo was probably readin his map and driving with his knees.

been in the above mentioned car and all i can say is RAPID.
no 1.2 would touch it sorry
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

yer well i tell u sumet guys im a good driver police trained and mad b4 that i beat him on skill not speed, any way 2 cars that wud beat him wud be my dadfs tvr cerbera and his morgan +8 with 350bhp, yamaha r1s can only just keep up !!!!

This has to be a wind up!

If its not, its muppets like you, that give clio owners a bad name, if I was in my EVO and you had done that to me you wouldnt be laughing sonny jim!

He probably wasnt even looking for a race.


haha bonkers!
i dont condone this sort of zipppin in and out of traffic bad drivin, but i guess good on ya.

But imagine other reading this and laughing their asses off, its lik ewhen saxo owners say they beat us!!! hahaha
  Silver Fabia vRS

Mmmmmm lets think about this, 1.2 Clio vs 2.0 EVO VI? Dont think there is much of a comparison really! A 172 would have a very tough time keeping up with one.

I had a Tornado last night coming back from the Northants meet. He had me on the twisties but along the straights he was nowhere to be seen!
  Lionel Richie

I dont think the Evo driver was trying, the 1.2 is underrated for a 1.2 but theres no way on gods fine earth it could "have" an Evo (0-60-0 in 6.6sec!!!) 1.2 16v 0-60 12sec!!!

i have kept up with the evo on twisties but when its power time..bye bye gti!

mind the best driver in the world, well, my own world

Well i must condone your dangerous driving on that busy stretch of road... undertaking cars is a bit silly isnt it?
Anyway, if i ever see you, dont try racing me cos my brakes are definately better than yours and the evo (silver or yellow one?) probably was low on fuel so didnt want to go too quickly for you
What ever you do, if you see a K reg silver impreza, ending in wrc (i think) dont race it, its got a good 300bhp on your car :eek: and even my cars going to be pushing nearly 200bhp on yours so dont race me either (unless its down the slip road going onto the M60 near the snipe )


if your a police trained driver why are u still driving a 1.2 may i ask?
surely u can afford insurance on something quicker?
  mk2 172

funny you should say that ben, there was a guy once who used to go on warner brothers car park who would take on allcomers in an orange 1.0 nova, whos stereo was constantly blurt out "sisquo, unleash the dragon", he actually laid down the challenge and believed he would win, cos hes *mad*, t**t

Monk, you could say that as i was in Stalyvagas tonight
(no car as was on the p155 )
Give me a flash if you see me BTW a sonic blue Subaru Impreza Turbo with 17 inch Antrachite (dark coloured alloys) but be warned, its quite a quick car (around 13 secs to 100mph+ )


TB1- which road do you travel about then? and a bit more details about your car so if i see you i can give you a cheeky tutu beep beep
ps mines a black Y*** RBN clio with 17s btw
youll see me travel along ashton old road towards manchester and back most of the time

Monk, leave me a reply on here and ill take you out in me shed
As for where i live.... hmmmmm lets just say i dont really want to say due to the ammout of thefts of imprezas but i do sometimes pop down to the snipe area and also do shopping in A-U-L but i dont live there.


Are you sure it was a 6 and not a 5? i havnt really seen any 6s round here but there are a few 5s


Hmmmmm, well i dont care if your mike schumacher in a 1.2 you would not keep up with an evo with an average driver.
A 172 wouldnt come close to an evo either.
Fred evo 6 0-60 6.2 secs????? Put down the copy of max power and read something a bit better, an evo 4-5-6 is good for sub 5 secs

What sort of dangerous t**t is this guy anyway? I know in my 16v id be up for racing anything, but in the evo its different you dont need to as you have nowt to prove, plus the fuel dissapears quick.

I tried racing an evo in my 16v a while back and it *murdered* me, and im not a slow driver

Some of these claims on this site recently are put simply horsesh*t from youngsters who think its cool, get a life, if your a great driver or have a fast clio get to a track or santa pod and prove it, or just shut up

Adam I think Fred means the EVo 6 will go from a standing start to 60mph and back to a stop in 6.6s!!! ie BLODDY FAST!!!!

Cheers, Simon.
  Lionel Richie

Good thing ive only just looked at this topic!!! Adam, youre right, you DO need some glasses!!! Thanks for comparing me to a Saxo driver with the "Sax Power" comment!!!! No offence taken, apology accepted (read carefully next time!!!!!

0-60 AND THEN BACK TO 0 (not moving, got it????) in 6.6sec
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

How to beat and Evo in a 1.2 16v - Park the Evo up then drive past in the 1.2 cause thats the only way I know of doing it. Sorry m8 no way.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Can someone please just delete this post, its really quite embarrassing if other people read it!