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I’ve been instructed by an F1 driver!

Good for him. I saw him at Silverstone last year, testing one of the Jordan Hondas, and he did very well indeed. Apparently he didnt get it because they had trouble actually fitting him in the car. Dont know if this is correct or not, but I am glad hes in F1 now!

LOL..... He has a long way to go but will other teams want to change their design of their cars to fit a 6"3 man inside??

Im 6"2 myself and I talked to people who said its really difficult to get into motorsport being that tall.... Who has an advantage a 6"2 bloke weighing 12stone plus or a 5"7 bloke weighing 10stone or less??

They interviewed him on breakfast telly this morning and he said the team needed to do a series of mods to squeeze him in. He must be worth the trouble!


ClioSport Admin
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but Steve, its just they need less ballast on his car than a lighter guys! I think all the cars weight the same at the end of the day.

Ok Matt,

I have a question about lift off oversteer. I had a big lift off oversteer moment last night going into a (thankfully) big round about and had to apply a lot of opposite lock to try and bring the car back in line as rear stepped out massively. However in doing so, the car start oversteering the other way and again applied a lot of lock the otherway. I beleive this is called "fish-tailing". Luckly I got the car back in control by applying more thottle and manage to straighten the car and carry on. Question is why did it oversteer the other way as I tried to correct the initial oversteer? Also is oversteer more controlable in a RWD car. ie power oversteer more controlable than lift off oversteer and perhap more safer?

He he - your not alone Matt. I had a few laps with him aswell.

He drove my car before hand for 3 laps - I was sh*tting myself!

JonC - ave a look at my reply to the Lift Off Oversteer post.

Youll probably get the same symptoms in a FWD or RWD car if you lift off suddenly. Applying throttle on a FWD car, along with a gentle steering input, should help. Obviously the earlier you catch it, the less steering you need and the more likely you are to get it back.

RWD - Im using a bit of educated guesswork, but if the back end steps out on lift-off, applying power should soften any steering inputs. Mind you, too much welly and youll go round faster than an electric drill.

I race a RWD car - there is a corner at Cadwell Park I was having trouble with. Its a fast r/h kink, and I was lifting on the way in, thinking that the car was on the limit because the rear was waving around. I worked on the theory that the back end was waving about BECAUSE I was lifting. Next time out I didnt lift, and the car went through planted solidly to the track.

Anyway, thats irrelevant cos everyone here was FWD cars. Just waffling again ....

Yeah Pete read your post, and I did exactly what you said. Instinctively applied opposite lock to correct the oversteer but its the application of the throttle that I left abit late. Must remember not to lift off completely in a blind panic and apply it earlier. Applied the throttle after is swung the other way which pulled the car straight.( and huge sigh of releif!)