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I am not a happy bunny...

In fact Im about ready to kill!

The dealers had my car today (had to wait until their expert was back from his holiday) to fit a Goldshield alarm and fix my headlamp washers. They ran out of time to to both jobs so they just did the alarm "fair enough" I thought. I had a quick look at the car when I picked it up and at first glance everything looks OK. However when I got home, on closer inspection the myopic clusterfu*ks at Whithouse Renault have left me seething. Theyve broken the cover on the ECU, the new bonnet swich is floating around under the bonnet, theyve not refitted the trim properly, the passenger side sensor fouls the sunvisor and they left my car with grubby marks all over.

I supose I shouldnt have expected much more than this after reading some posts on this forum. But what really should have got the alarm bells ringing was the comment that mine was the first of the new shape clios that theyve fitted one of these alarms too. Unfortunately for anyone who wants to risk their incompetence in the future, they also told be that they will be charging an additional £200 because the Renault list price of £288 doesnt cover their labour costs. At least one thing has worked out in my favour today!

So now I have to spend time tomorrow sorting it out with some service department monkey who couldnt care less. And they expect me to take the car back so they can take off the front bumper and replace the headlamp washers - I dont think so.

Thank you for listening, I feel much better now that Ive vented my spleen. Anyone got any good tips on how to deal with these chimps?


Whenever i have to complain i use the broken record approach ( ive worked in customer service as a manager for a few years)and this is one of the best methods for getting the message across with the best effect, keep repeating your points in as calm a manner as you can manage untill you wear them down and get the desired result or as near as you can get.

I would stand over them whilst they put the car right make sure they sort it out for you and dont forget that word of mouth is a powerful thing and the citzen advice people can be helpful should you wish to take it further.
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Clare isnt it about time you got your own login on here mate?

I reckon you should go round and sort them out!
  172 Cup, Caterham R300

EightBall, which Whitehouse garage did you take it to or did you take it to the inustrial estate place where they repair all Whitehouse cars. ie Audis, BMWs etc?

Ive calmed down a bit now, still not happy though. Well wait and see what response I have when I call them in the morning.

Thanks for the advice Clare. Ill try to follow your stay calm approach.

Neil, This was at Whitehouse Renault in Tunbridge Wells. Do you know them?

  172 Cup, Caterham R300

EightBall, yeah I sort of know them there. My mum bought a 172 from there and its gone back once, had a bit of confusion about the hire car they gave her while the 172 was being fixed. In the end it turned out all right. In actual fact they was quite helpful in the end, shock/horror
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I had a goldshield alarm fitted to my car before I took delvery at Sunwin renault bradford. Fitted perfectly looks like it was done in the factory. £300 fitted including labour. I know things are different when you take a car back after delivery, same with Ford. They may have been rushing the job.
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The service manager is called Norman (dont know his surname), but I know than all quite well at Whitehouse, T/Wells. If you want to go down to sort it out, I will come with you to see if we can pull a few strings..


Thank everyone..(esp Alex for offering to come and help) went back this morning. I stayed calm!, they sent the technician (why dont they just call them mechanics?) out to have a look at it and 20 minutes later its all fixed , apart from the cover on the ECU, that is being replaced next week when they do my headlamp washers.

I asked the bloke at the desk inside why they couldnt have spent 20 mins last night being a little more concientious about the job and this mornings efforts wouldnt have been needed. He just looked at me blankly! But theyve managed to find a courtesy car to give me next week.

Just out of interest yesterday there was a blue mk2 172 on the forecourt 02 reg £13495 (not there this morning!). and this morning another customers silver mk2 172 with an ambulance service badge in the window - anyone here?

Cheers again

(a happier bunny)
  R5 Gordini Turbo

If ever you need to go there again, give me a shout and I will come over. The garage was recently bought by Whitehouse, but prior to this it was family run. I know the family, and most of the people who work there now, used to work for Marchants (the previous owners)...