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I broke him :-(

  7.6cc :D

Driving home from work, some unusual lights popped up on Thomass dashboard! :(

Dad went outside to mend him, while i helped by staying inside in the warm :D

He is feeling much better now! something to do with oil??? *shrug* :oops:

Hehe good to see that as soon as Thomas wants attention you (or indeed your Dad if its too cold) are there for him ;) a nice drink of oil will have done him the world of good :)
  7.6cc :D

hehe i did help, I shouted out the window that the blizzard temperature was no excuse to spill any spots of oil on my engine cover!:confused:

He did mouth something back at me! although it wasnt very polite!:devilish:
  Subaru WRX

Oh right !!

Does your Reg plate spell your name?

Saw a Black 02 172 in Bearwood a couple of weeks ago was it you?
  7.6cc :D

Yeah thats me! I drive through Bearwood everyday to work! :D

What colour is yours then? I regulaly see a black mk 2 in Bearwood but usually with a girl driving!