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I just had a crash....! ! !

I just cant F***ing believe it.
Ive been driving for years and I never had a crash, but I buy a clio two weeks a go and I trash it...! ! !
the off side lights have gone & the blue front bumper and I didnt know the front panel was plastic..????
I feel like sh*t.

sorry to hear that!
i know how it feels. i span my clio bouned off a wall and went back ward over a ditch. Spent 1 1/2 months fixing it myself....dead proud!

went back on holiday, came back, 1st week....a lady drives head on into me!!!

couldnt be bothered repairing that, so paid a bodyshop....and they did a sh*t job!!! arghhh!!

well, can you fix it?

is it a new mk2 clio? they have plastic wings.

I could repair it, but it would cost quite a bit.
its a K-reg 16v in dark ( ish ) blue.
the thing is I spent all me money buying it two weeks ago so funds are limited, I might go through my insurance..????
Sorry to hear about your car too.

i dont get it, i drove sh*ty cars for a couple of years, had a few little incident nothing bad, get my clio and people seem to home in on it especially when im not there so they drive off, i have had the mirror smashed rear bumper and lights. its not fair is it.

Its seems to be structural damage.
nothing too bad. How much do ya reckon
a new front bumper will be..????

yeah, the first thing you say when you get out (even if you have a broken leg) is F*&K!!!!!!!!

But a new bumper from Renault is expensive, i bargained mine DOWN to 220 quid!!!

i tried from andyspares..and they delivered the wrong bumper!! then told me they didnt do the right one!!! argh!!

anyway, i saved a shed load spraying it myself....about 700 quid.

a new cross member, make sure you take time welding it in, or the bonnet wont line up good.

i did a similar repair on a 16v, basiclay a slight pull and a new crossmember and rad, i managed to repair the bumper, andything plastic is suprisinly easy to repair when your creative with fibreglass and a few liters of filler,

i priced a new 16v bumper a year ago and it was £200+VAT but people have been saying that they have slashed thier prices,

i dont want to be a downer but these things are always worse then they look,

try and take a photo of the damage with the bumper off

what ever you do dont go through the insurance it will proably be written off, the repair i did cost me £400-£500 and the quotes for the insurance for the repair were £3000-£3500 so it will be written off

well, Ive rang around and there a plastic repair place just down the road that has a new Clio 16v bumper and hell let me have it painted up for £150. then its £50 for the lights.
I also need a new front grill.
So it isnt as bad as I 1st thought.

do you know about GSF? very cheap renault parts, normaly the same syuff as you buy from renault, they are on-line or somthing like that

good hols!!!????

im in HK running renault performance parts sales. creating a ltd edition clio 190!!!
um, trying to setup a cliocup series in asia, goin to see the director tomorrow. sellin cars, drivin cars, workin engines etc not much!
BTW, im pooped!!!