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I now have 180BHP!!

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Just got back from having my car remapped and it now makes 180BHP!. Didnt have the rev limit altered to 8K like Roamer so probably why its down a bit on his. It is just so more responsive. Especially since I put the Viper and K-Tec exhaust on as apparently it was massively over fueling @WOT and leaning midrange!!! maybe thats why I was only getting 23MPG!!!!!!

It just purred all the way home and pulled like a train when floored.

Going to have to get the middle silencer for the exhaust as it is positively ears are still ringing.....but it sounds real good!!!!

Didnt get the @TW figure but if you use the % difference from a previous roading its should be about 146/148.

Top bloke at London Superchips.

How much did it cost in total then for the exhaust, viper and remap work?

And if you can, without your i will notice a difference heads on, is there definately a noticable improvement in performance?


I think the difference is noticable, but for a true reflection Im gonna get Telford_mike to drive mine when we finally meet up again (Prolly at the sunday meeting) ok mike? ;)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah we can do a swap for a few circuits - itll remind you what us poor unfortunates with just the stock 170bhp have to put up with! Im doing a lot of hours at my part-time job at the moment getting my mods fund sorted out for next spring!

PS - John - I think you just rang - my mobile went dead (battery) - Ill call ya later m8!


If you can leave the exhaust for a few hundred miles, then it really does start to quiten down (if youve done more then ignore this) The resonance inside the car between 3K & 4K on full throttle gives a headache but it has quitened down.

A question, after fitting the exhaust, did you notice a drop in in-gear flexibility?? If feels more sluggish although top end over 4.5K seems OK. It may be me though.

  Clio v6

Just looked at the Superchips London site. The power curve chart

for the 172 says 174bhp @ 6413rpm before its chipped? So it was a Clio 174?

The V6 chart says 215bhp @ 6125rpm

The book figure for the V6 says

Maximum power
230 bhp DIN
(at 6000 rpm)

After chipping it produced a whooping 224 bhp ?

Was their car sick? or am I thick?

Someone techy please explain all this stuff to me.
  Clio v6

I accept that the "real" figures may be a wee bit of a fib?

But what would the 172 bhp be, had they tested it at 6000 rpm instead of reving the nuts of it @6413 ?

Do any of you with 180bhp live near Chesterfield (i know quite a few are from there). Id be interested to have a look sometime and listern to the exhaust as im not sure i wouldnt get sick of it quite quickly.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

You can choose a quieter exhaust if you prefer - the Magnex isnt as loud as the K-Tec item. Its personal choice really. Well see how well this solution works with a Magnex soon....

Are there any exhausts avaliable that remain hidden behind the bumper like the standard one? Im really not keen on exhausts sticking out under the bumper when there is no cut-out.


Dash, re the testing at particular rpm, its not they they test it at 6000rpm or 6413rpm (What an odd rpm to test @ eh?) but these are just the rpm that comes out as the Peak Power Output on the RR test (Or engine dyno test) and I wouldnt call 6413rpm as revving the nuts off it - but I might be biased with my high limiter ;)


nice to see that your car is pushing 180bhp and that you havnt gone the explosive, ooooooooops expensive way of upping your rev limit to 8k (which isnt a good move if you dont have forged pistons btw as when those cast pistons go they go with a bang!)

Keep on modding though!

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Thanks all for the compliments, Ill try and answer all Qs.
No other mods other than the silver indicator bulbs and a shed full of ICE!
Exhaust was £295 (10% discount from K-Tec as Cliosport member), Viper was....well, I knew a bloke that worked there....lets say it was less than half price and the remap was the same as Roamer, £352. So I have gained 20BHP for £38 per BHP!! and there is a definate improvement in performance. Although the IK & zorst didnt add very much to the equasion you would probably get a very similar result just by chipping/remapping.
Havent done very many miles with the exhaust yet but at 3500-4000RPM the resonance is deafening but after that, accelerating through the gears and keeping it in the zone it sounds just like a race car! Never noticed any drop in performance although after fitting the viper the fueling was way out as I said above. K-Tec havent got the centre sections in as yet but should be available in about a month so I will have to see how it settles down but the decision isnt mine...her who has to be obayed!!!
Havent seen any Clio produce any where near to the claimed figures. You need to stick to one rolling road to make comparisons. Back in May Cliosport had a shoot out at Power Engineering and most 172s (standard cars) only posted 160-163BHP. I had the choice to go to Superchips HQ and get 15% off or go to London Superchips (they use PEs RR) and get an accurate comparison. So now I know I have made true gains.
The problem with the fuel consumption was down to the IK & zorst. It was way out, giving lean @mid point and rich@WOT....probably the reason I could smell fuel after a run. Filled up when I got home and it worked out that since the last fill up I got 23 to the gallon...not good!! So hopefully it should be sorted, but I will keep an eye on it anyway now.

cheers chris!
how does everyone rate the hillpower induction kit, they offer to remap as part of the sale to give optimum performance!
  Clio v6

JJ172. They called it their "Performance model" I got used to the NOISE so much that I thought the V6 was a wee kitten when I got it.

Long constant droaning at crusing speeds where annoying but zapping around made up for it. They did say that at anytime they would get the noise level to suit me even after a few months, F.O.C.

A great bunch of lads they are, reminded me of good old fashioned British service. When I save me pennies I will get them to do my free flow quad on the V6. ( Collage & Daughters = Standard V6:cry: )
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Quote: Originally posted by 2 live on 15 November 2002

welcome to the 180+ BHP club mate..........good feeling innit lol


Jon you told me and Nick your motor was standard, not that we believed you anyway !
  williams and trophy

honest mate the only things ive changed are the air filter for a k&n panel devil de-cat and powerflow zorst. the guy who had it b4 me was such a stickler for originality that he had sourced the last 2 michelin pilot hx (as the car left the showroom with them) in the country......taht kinda dedication makes me believe that he wouldnt have tweeked it any other way either i.e absolutely evrything was standard in the car even down to the stereo and speakersthe spare has never even been used....theres no bills for mods only replacement items from reno..even new zorst just b4 i bought it..which cost more than a modified YES my car is standard other than what i have fitted redlines when it should and it pulls like it should

hopefully next year itll be pulling a whole load better then it wont be standard lol...and yes i am gunning for fastest clio down the strip title next year ..........hopefully lol........ but im not far off now really, only 0.4 sec off the pace at the mo.



you should get on teh case with your V6......the engine is so laxed its silly, not stressed in anyway!

look at teh palstic plenham and inlet manifolds....when i was repairing on...i was surprised that they made no attempt to get any power.....awful design.

you can get twin plenhams with individual TBs, new valve gear (springs and cams) and basically youll be making 285BHP like the trphy cars, as they run no work on the heads at all.

Ive been in contact with Renault Sport to get some trophy kits for the engines on some of our customers as they complain of severe lack of power......
  Renault Laguna Coupe

The increase in torque is particularly impressive. In standard trim the engine really dies after around 6000rpm. According to that plot these mods give an extra 25 or so lbft at the top-end which will make a real difference.

At Donington Park last week the instructor who came round with me reckoned there was no point in revving the engine beyond 6000rpm as it was getting a bit breathless. This looks like itll sort things out nicely!