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I really want a IPOD compatible head unit

  BMW 330d :)

Ive been on the lookout for an ipod compatible head unit and the only one i can see is the alpine one at £300 from halfords. Are there any other makes which allow connection to the display and the original renault steering wheel remote?


  BMW 330d :)

Ive even seen ipod adapters that go with my original head unit. Do you think this is a good idea as its cheaper, or go for an aftermarket one which will have scrollin song titles but will be more expensive.....

Decisions decisions....


ClioSport Club Member

Ive gone for an Alpine cda 9853r with the ipod module from , much cheaper than halfords and they know what theyre talking about.

Theyre not too cheap but I was in danger of crashing whist scrolling though the ipod with the radio transmitter thingy I had so I thought id be safe!! :D

Id say that theyre well worth it, just waiting for them to release to remote adapter for the 05 clios!


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if i had the cash i would defo buy a new headunit with the scrolling screen.

ive got a pioneer headunit (with the dolphins) and they do an additional kit which is only £50, just plugs in where the cd changer would go. its on my list
  BMW 330d :)

Well i was going to first buy the 20gb ipod but the guy in the shop said they didnt have any left and that they were getting phased out with the 30gb colour ones. Is this true as it is going to cost me 250 instead of 200....

i would go for the colour ipod anyway mate. for an extra £40-50 you are getting an extra 50% storage and a colour screen. its good for storing all your digital photos aswell. its been the best thing i have bought in a long time!!