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I swear the more miles i put on it, the faster it gets...

  53 Clio's & counting
Cat back exhaust
Matched inlets
Slows down at the top end, hopefully once iv pulled my finger out and loaded up a map from my rs tuner it will be a bit better

Oh and a bit of old school tuneage ;)

Awesome, after my trackday on Saturday mine runs so much smoother too, good old Italian Tune up ;)
LOL! mine has that treatment daily... keeps it running sweet

I daren't keep mine on the redline everyday!

please explain lol

Its on Wiki, but basically Ferrari/Lambo's were always cars that people buy and use once a year etc. So then engines weren't being used. When they were the P/X'd for the newer model they would rag the nuts off of it to clear out the engine. Or something along them lines ;)
  53 Clio's & counting
Cheers for all the nice comments guys, it does seem to pull well, im glad the miles doesnt stunt the performance