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I think we should have a 172 mk1 vs 2 AP22 session...

I was thinking( occasionally happens ), that my AP 22 sits around doing nothing these days, since I sold my Integra and Caterham, and there has been a lot of talk about differences inperformance between Mk1 and 2 172s, so if people are interested, it would be fun to have a few cars, a few drivers, a nice, straight piece of tarmac( preferably not the M1 ) and then go to work mullering clutches.

To get any definitive answers either takes ONE driver for all the cars, or a huge number of cars of both marks to draw a statistical avererage.

I think though that the limiting factor here isnt the cars and drivers, but rather the dragstrip.

Would be interesting though, wouldnt it?

Im off to Scotland tonight in the Mondeo. Travelling in peace and quiet...But not particularly fast. Until the Cup arrives.


Sounds like it would be a good crack to me. Would prefer to do it on private roads though - i.e. an airfield.

Dont have to worry about the rozzers then


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

I was trying to organise something like this at a place called Gosfield Airfield in Essex. We could turn it into a big event then. Anyone want to get on to them and see if they can get any joy?

hehe, would be cool, but, Essex is a bit of a trek

Anyone know of a place more centrally based? That way, people from up North could attend too

Just an idea,