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I want Renaulsport stiched in the back seats as well.....

  320d M Sport

AS above, I reckon itd look ace. Problem is where id like it on the seat is where the perforated Alcantra is. DOH!
Anyone know somebody up to the job of doing it and how much Im looking at???
OR has anyone got it done? Im in Manchester BTW. Think Renault could?


  320d M Sport

Alright Joe, How you doing mate?

I think weve all gone a bit mad since Sunday!!!
Anyway, i need the back seats for ahem, you know!


paddymph - that dodgy looking car is a £60k Best in Britain Street Rod with a Corvette LT1 V8

Neil is in the process of building up a web site, so theres just a holding page up for now. But there is a phone nos and email address! DOH!
  320d M Sport

I know, i know!!
It was late you know! Anyway, not had any replies from the companies I emailed...ah well

lol Paddy

yep.. I have a cunning plan LOL

how bout we do snake again in a week or 3.. but this time meet up at 6 am at the pub car park.. seriously !!..

we would get a bloody good run both ways..

a couple of portable barbies (Food .. not the babes.. although >.... Hmmm )

I reckon it would be great !..

get craggs, rhys, mat an the guys along ?

Maybe mark is mad enuf to come up from the smoke... ??

mind u.. if he is, Jayne n I got a spare bedroom...


wot u say...

Lol craggs, the ONLY conversion u need is the brakes and a beer cooler LOL...

we will wait for you .... I cant promise you will keep up though in the humble willy shopper cart


hee hee

  320d M Sport

K+N!! Nice one.

I swear Ill ave you next time Craggy, I got a cunning plan......

Seriuosly, I,m on holiday any time between 3-6 weeks (last minute jobbie) would be up for it again though.....6am ouch. To keep on topic......I STILL need me seats doing!! Cmon, surely someone knows???


od the seats ya old tart LOL..

are u up for the 6am blast on the snakes back ??

me n matt had a hell of a time on the twisties.. I reckon ya couldnt get it outa second LOL...

Joe.. hee hee hee,,,
  mk2 172

only jokin paddy, twas supposed to be a cover up for my dream supercharger, a k&n would slow her down, only breathing mods id do would be the kind that cost way too much!
  320d M Sport

Ill have to wait and see if Im in this country or not!!!
Would do it again though, it was cool to see all the locals just staring as we blitzed passed em. Top.

How bout the old bill parked on the right after I overtook the standing traffic and passed *over* the yump at ton + ... LOL...


  320d M Sport

Thats cos youre a raving Madman, as is Matt! He overtook myself and about 4 cars in front, must say the engine sounded sweet as he boomed past.


Maybe Im dreaming, but Im sure someone on here has had this done - think I remember seeing pics when I first started browsing this site.

Would have been about Jan/Feb last year just before I got the Clio.

  320d M Sport

alright rich? not seen u on here for a bit?!! Seems like a lot of the old skool are gone nowadays!?

I hope somebody has got pics......
  williams and trophy

hehe paddy mate how bout i get me mate to weld together a stamp

then u can brand it on lol

itll take weight out the seats too ... lol 2 birds with 1 stone